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Pineapple and Peach Tart

I don't ever advice to use already made ingredients to cook. I strongly believe in making everything from scratch but for this one there is an exception. A friend showed us this recipe and my husband modified it a bit. Really good and similar to cobbler but quicker to make and completely different.

When it was introduced to us. It was made with cherries and pineapples, but my husband made it with peaches and pineapples. Both ways were really good.

All you need is: 
Can of pineapple with its juices drained
Can of Peaches with its syrup
1 box yellow cake mix

Preheat your oven to 350F or 170C. Then Pour both of your cans into a pyrex that will go into the oven. (Remember to drain out the juice from the pineapples can only, but leave the syrup from the peach can) Then take your cake mix and sprinkle the entire box all over the top of the canned fruit.

Take spoons of butter and spread them out evenly all over the top of the cake mix.  Put it in the oven for about 40 - 50 minutes …


You need: *1 can   -    sweetened condensed milk *1 tsp    -    butter, margarine, or Pam spray *2 tbsp  -    Grated Parmesan cheese (optional) *Sugar and cloves for topping

To make:  In a medium sized pot, add your butter, turn fire on to low - medium heat. As soon as the butter begins to melt add the can of sweetened condensed milk and the Parmesan cheese (The Parmesean cheese adds a kick to the recipe, but, if you do not like Parmesan cheese you can follow the recipe and skip the Parmesan cheese step).

Begin mixing constantly, hardly stop, otherwise the condensed milk will create burnt clusters in the mix. Mix a lot! The total cooking time takes about  10 - 15minutes. You will begin to see the condensed milk thickening up, every so often, pick the pan up by the handle and tilt the condensed milk mixture back and forth. Once cooked, turn off the fire and let cool off in a cool place, for about 30 minutes. If you can cover it and put it outside that's better.   (see …

Pistachio Breaded chicken

My husband being the exercise and health fanatic that he is. He loves anything to do with  a healthy lifestyle. So when I came across this pistachio breaded chicken he was eager for me to try it because since it has the pistachio nut. It is jam packed with protein, fiber and so much more  of the good stuff.  I served this Pistachio chicken with brown rice, and a spinach salad.

Chicken Breasts
Seasonings (salt, pepper, etc. (your choice)

It is really easy to make. All I did was get my chicken breasts and slice it in half long wise so that the breasts can be thinner. Then I cleaned my chicken by cutting off all the fat and washing it with vinegar and water to remove all of the slim.

Once that was done. I lightly seasoned my chicken (because pistachios already have a little salt) I seasoned my chicken with  a little oil (just for the seasonings to stick) salt, pepper, all purpose seasoning and garlic salt.

After seasoning, I took my pistachios - removed the shell a…

Sticky Bananas

This is a Brazilian dessert called 'Doce de Banana' For those who like bananas this is a really great dessert. Some people like to eat it plain just as it is. But to me it is a bit too sweet. So I chose to serve it with Vanilla ice cream. Reaallly Good...

For this big amount. All you need is:
6 bananas (cut into big chunks)
1 Cinnamon stick
4 cups water
1 cup sugar

Take a big pot and put in your sugar and 1 cup of the water. Mix and leave the fire on medium heat. Keep mixing every few minutes and allow to cook for about 15 minutes or more until it starts looking like a clear caramel and is no longer watery but a bit thick in consistency.

Then you add in your bananas and your cinnamon stick.

Allow to cook for about an hour mixing every once in a while so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot. You know that it is ready when it is no longer water and becomes sticky, looks and smells good. Then your done.

You can serve it either hot or cold. Eat it as it is or with ice …

In Brazil every party has to have.......

BRIGADEIRO If you aren't Brazilian, you might be asking "Whats That?". Believe me, its one of the best party got to haves!!! Its even a got to have, got to eat, without a party and in front of the TV on a lazy day. Its that good and that quick and easy to make. Ready for it.....?

 You need: *1 can   -    sweetened condensed milk *1 tsp    -    butter, margarine, or Pam spray *5 tbsp  -    Chocolate powder  (if using Hershey cocoa powder use only 3 tbsp) *Chocolate sprinkles (optional)

To make:  In a medium sized pot, add your butter, turn fire on to low - medium heat. As soon as the butter begins to melt add the can of sweetened condensed milk and the chocolate powder. Begin mixing constantly, hardly stop, otherwise the condensed milk will create burnt clusters in the mix. Mix a lot! The total cooking time takes about  10 - 15minutes. You will begin to see the condensed milk thickening up, every so often, pick the pan up by the handle and tilt the condensed milk mixtur…

Fried Rice

This is the most simple thing to make and it is so good. Have you ever been to a chinese restaurant and ordered 'fried rice'?  This is exactly like it. Except you can add whatever you want.  I added eggs,various frozen veggies like (lima beans,peas, corn, green beans, carrots act.) chicken and salmon.

All I did was cook my rice (Brazilian style) search on the search box to the right for rice and you will find it. It is a simple rice with garlic. I cooked that and then separately cooked each thing. I seasoned and baked my chicken for about 45 minutes. I seasoned and baked my salmon for about 20 minutes in the oven under 350F or 170C, I cooked my eggs and whatever else. Then in a big pan I mixed it all together and added a little soy sauce and twalla.

There you have it. A  decent meal in minutes

How it's put on the plate

I made this meal for a friend just the other day. It was a simple meal. (Which by the way the recipes for these foods are on my blog already as I have made them before.) But what I took extra time to do was to try and decorate it differently and in a way I didn't before. I cut my carrots into stars, fanned my cucumbers out into a sort of butterfly, made my rice into a perfect circle and neatly placed each item onto the plate with so much care. Not one crumb out of place
When you prepare your meals you should dedicate just as much attention to it. Especially if it is for a loved one. I do this all the time. Not just for a special friend. (My husband sometimes hates it because he wants to eat right away and does not want to wait for me to make his plate 'look pretty' he says  :  )  but every chance I get I am doing this.  Even though he doesn't always allow me to decorate and garnish his plates. I still pile the food on there very neatly.
Don't just throw your food …

Whipped cream day 7

Dipping- Whipped cream can be used as a dipping to almost anything. Try dipping, sliced fruits, chocolate pieces, cookies, Donut, brownie pieces and so on. Use your imagination....   Well, it was fun talking about the many possibilities of Whipped Cream and I hope you actually make your Whipped Cream and use it in many ways. Enjoy! and as always, if you have any questions or comments, just comment in the comment bar below

By: Elsie Dasilva

Whipped Cream day 6

Another thing that Whipped Cream can be used in is: Sweetened whipped fruit salad.
 What you need:  serves 3 people
* 3 Fruits of your choice * 1 cup Whipped cream * 2 tbsp Sweetened condensed milk
How to make:
In the whipped cream that you already made, add the sweetened condensed milk and fold over don't mix so it won't get over whipped. Just simply kind of slightly blend it in, stir it soft and slow just for the sweetened condensed milk to mix in the whipped cream. Set aside, then cut up the fruits of your choice into cubed or diced size pieces, place in a bowl and choose from two options.
Option 1= add the Sweetened whipped mixture to the bowl and stir everything together to have a delicious bite sized blend of everything together and serve as is. Option 2= serve fruits as is and place a spoon of the Sweetened whipped mixture over the fruits as a decoration to top the fruits. Yum and healthy. Enjoy!


By Elsie Da Silva

Whipped Cream day 5

Face Pie - You normally see this in game shows that there are two competitive teams. The loosing team gets pied in the face.

I remember playing this in the Youth Group when I was a bit younger. We had two tribes and had competitions against each other, the tribe who lost would get pied in the face.

To make this Face Pie you need: Paper plates. Put lots of whipped cream on the paper plate and smash it onto your opponents face.
It was fun!(For the winning team of-course).

By Elsie Da Silva

Europe Tour Video

Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with cooking but so many people have been asking how my husbands Book Signing Tour in Europe went. So I decided to make this video for you all ;so that you can at least see it for yourselves and take this journey with us  :  )
It went Absolutely amazing...

A few days of my life that will for sure be remembered.
God Bless you all.

Whipped Cream day 4


Whipped cream is the only cream that can be used as a frosting for any cake. A perfect cake to use whipped cream on is Tres leches cake.
 Cover your cake with it, and decorate your cake with it, using the pastry bag I spoke to you about yesterday. Whipped cream is fun to use and is not to sweet and not to tasteless. You can make any cake look fancy just by using whipped cream and a pastry bag.
Try it for yourself, you'll see!

Elsie Da Silva

There is No Place Like Home

As I have mentioned to you all. Last week I traveled with my husband to Europe for 2 weeks and it was absolutely amazing. Every part of the trip. Meeting new people, Meeting fans of my blog  :  ), helping many, many people who are living in a lifestyle similar to my husbands. Gangs, drugs, depression, family problems etc. It is so extremely rewarding not to me. To God's Glory, but it is so extremely rewarding to see the results. For example there are so many people who have chosen to change the direction of their life from the moment they attend these events. So many who contact us speaking about the changes they have made for the better and also those who have not contacted us but still have changed.  Though we travelled and were treated  more than extremely well in each place we went to. We were excepted with love, kindness and great hospitality by everyone.

I have tried foods from each country, ate in - ate out, ate all types of food and at first it is very fun and exciting bu…

Whipped Cream day 3

Whipped Cream can also be used to top and decorate your favorite drink.
It will give it a unique flavor and helps it look fancy too. All you need is a pastry bag and a big star tip. You can buy a cheap plastic one in any grocery store in the baking aisle. Its like $8. You can use a pasty bag to decorate cakes and lots of other things too. Watch me decorate a cake with the pastry bag on my video. Search my posts for "Tres Leches cake part 5" and you will see me using the pastry bag.
Look at the picture below; haven't you seen this done in a restaurant before?

By Elsie Da Silva

Whipped Cream day 2

Before making this recipe, first follow the whipped cream recipe I gave you on my blog post two days ago called 'How to make whipped Cream' 

Light Ice-Cream sandwich You will need: Maria Cookies  Whipped Cream (Chocolate chip cookie or cookie of your choice can be used to replace the Maria Cookies)
You are going to get the Maria cookies and place a nice sized scoop of the whipped cream in the center of the cookie. Top the whipped cream with another of the same cookie and slightly press it down. Press it down just enough to spread the whipped cream but not to hard to squeeze out the whipped cream. You may leave it as is, or you may put a topping on the sides of the ice-cream sandwich as you see in the picture above. Do this to however many cookie you would like. Place the cookies on a tray and place in the freezer uncovered overnight or for best results one entire day.
There you have it! Light Ice -Cream Sandwich. I really love this recipe because when you freeze the whipped crea…

Whipped Cream day 1

Today I will give you an important tip on making your whipped cream. This tip came to me from Mrs. Evelyn and it is so true because that happened to me once so I learned my lesson.
Once again Thank You Mrs. Evelyn.

One tip is not to allow any water or moisture to be in the bowl or to fall into the unwhipped cream. Even a drop of water can cause the cream to clot and turn to butter, and no amount of whipping can change that! Thanks Elsie:) If you have any tips or recipes to do with whipped cream, please comment in the comment bar below so everyone can benefit from it too. Make sure to come back tomorrow and see the next post Whipped Cream day 2.
See you then

By Elsie Da Silva

Meeting my blog Viewers

It was such a pleasure as I am traveling with my husband to see young girls coming up to me and saying that they love my blog. It made me happy each time. It is so great to see that these young women are taking it seriously to learn how to cook well. These are the women that are doing what it takes with one step at a time to become an all around better woman.

I just wanted to share some of their pictures with you (because there are too many for me to put them all here. But you are all appreciated and I really love seeing you all better yourself even with something as simple as being a great cook)

God Bless you all


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Crepes are a delicious and simple dessert. And it all requires very little ingredients to make. As I have mentioned I am traveling for about 2 weeks with my husband in Europe and the day I left. Before leaving I made a quick meal for a friend. But I was in a bit of a rush as I had lots to do. (This goes to show that you don't have to be a person who is home all day doing nothing in order to cook, some people think that cooking is so old - fashioned and that it's for people who are not that busy and can afford to take the time and effort in doing it. For Those who think like that. You could not be more wrong....)

As I had to cook a full course meal in a rush. I made it all in less than an hour. I made breaded tilapia, rice, buttered and sautéed green beans and sausage, another veggie and even had time to make this quick and easy dessert.

I chose to fill it with Dulce de Leche since it is what I had hanging around. But you can fill it with one of many things. There are crepes f…

Chocolate Fountain

This is for Jhaun; she recently asked me a question on the comment bar of one of my posts. Her question was, How do you get the chocolate to run smoothly through the machine?, How do you melt the chocolate?, and whats the best Chocolate to use?

A Fondue fountain, also known as chocolate machine is a very delicious way to eat your fruits or to just basically cover anything you would like in chocolate. This is great for parties or for just for chocolate lovers who want to indulge in chocolate, either way its a unique way to eat chocolate.
To answer your question Jhaun, for a Fondue fountain you can melt any chocolate and it would work, but if the chocolate you use isn't smooth enough, then you would have to add some oil to thin it out. The absolute best chocolate to use and that really should be used is  "Couverture chocolate" Couverture is a French word for dipping. This type of chocolate contains between 33-44% of cocoa butter in it, this helps the chocolate run more sm…