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Stuffed Sweet Potato

Ever had a stuffed sweet potato? This is one of my husbands favorites, and it is so simple to make. The flavors blend so well, and it is melt in your mouth delicious...

sweet potato
cream cheese
turkey ground beef
chopped onions and pepper

Preheat your oven to 400F or 200C Just take your sweet potato wash it well and wrap it completely in aluminum foil. Then place your wrapped sweet potato into the oven and let it slowly cook for about 1 hour or until you poke it with a knife and it easily pierces the potato.

Whilst it is cooking in the oven work on your stuffing. In a pot put a pinch of olive oil and your chopped up  fresh onions and peppers. Sautee or mix around a little until it is just golden brown and then add in your turkey ground beef and your seasonings. I used salt, pepper, lawrys seasoning salt and onion powder. (But you can play around with the seasonings and use your own mix) once that is done continue cooking on medium high heat until all cooked through and br…

Homemade TV Dinners

What an interesting and yet genius idea. My mom gave this idea to my sister and I absolutely fell in love with it. Many people say that they are too busy to cook on a daily basis or are not so motivated to cook often. So why not when you do feel motivated go into the kitchen and cook a really nice meal. Something you enjoy eating or a new recipe; but just cook a little extra, a little more than what you would need. Package it properly in an airtight container and freeze it with a label of what it is.

Then whenever you are hungry or in a rush to work, school, church just simply grab it from the freezer and throw it in the microwave and enjoy... Just like you would do with a TV dinner. except this way is a million times healthier, tastier and cheaper than it would be to buy daily TV dinners. Do a few different meals for each week or two and you are good to go.

3 steps

GRABMICROWAVEEAT How convenient, for all of you fast paced viewers. Life is always on the GO,GO,GO... Try this, cook  onc…

Soup inside of bread

Ever had soup in a . . . .

No, not in a bowl, but inside of a delicious, soft yummy bread. So delicious and makes your soup fancy every time. This for sure will make you want to eat more soup. If you are going to serve a few people or if you are very hungry and have a big appetite then serve your soup in a huge round bread. As in this picture above I put my soup in a small bollilo bread as I was just serving myself. This beats eating soup in a bowl anytime.

I made my healthy chicken and vegetable soup recipe, then I cut off the top of my bread and emptied out the inside

and filled it with my soup. covered it again with the bread top and served.  This is really easy to make and so delicious because as you are eating your soup you can eat away the bread also. EVERYTHING IS EDIBLE. They go together oh, so well.

Try it for yourself. 
From my kitchen to yours. God Bless