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How do I make a well balanced meal?

Take a look at these pictures. A well balanced meal consists of 3 things. A starch, a veggie and a meat. With all of these meals I put either a rice, couscous, potatoes or a pasta as my starch. Any sort of vegetable - especially green ones which are healthiest for you and then a meat such as a fish, beef, chicken, pork etc. Having a plate full of starches on your plate and no veggies etc. It is not well balanced and will not give you all the nutrients you need. Think about it. From my kitchen to yours Elise

Why am I eating salads and still gaining weight?

Just because you are eating a salad as a main course or even as a side dish does not quite mean that you are doing a good job. Salad itself is really healthy, especially when you put in all those yummy green vegetables along with your protein and other fruits or vegetables to complete that delicious yet heart healthy and filling meal.
You can make a great salad by putting... lets say some lettuce, cabbage,kale or even spinach, carrots, cucumber,mushrooms, nuts,  any fruit, tomatoes, radish and basically anything you feel like. Salads can be done countless ways, the options of how you can put them together are endless. Your creativity can roll when it comes to making your own unique salad.
But this is where the downfall comes in. If you are making your salad, full of protein, vitamins, fiber and all that good stuff but then you go on and add in all of that dressing that you love. Ranch, French, Italian, Ceasar , Thousand Island dressing or anything else. You are basically defeating th…

How do I use my kitchen utensils?

Picture this, (It's a true story) just the other day I bought a frame to put up in my house. But I don't have a hammer and was being cheap and didn't want to buy one. I figured there must be something else that I could use at home to get the job done. So I go home with my screws and my frame and I tried hammering in the screws into the wall with a can of corn... Do you think it worked? Definitely not. The only thing that ended up happening is I hurt my hand and punctured my can of corn and the screw still didn't get in the wall... Go figure... Duh....

This goes to say that any task done with the wrong tool, ends up either harder than it should be or a total disaster. Thats why there are certain tools made for certain things. Imagine if there was just one tool in the world to do every job. It simply wouldn't work. Each tool is shaped differently and serves a completely different purpose. Same goes for your kitchen tools. Known as your kitchen Utensils.

Today I am g…

Fruit Parfait

1 box of fresh strawberries, 1 box of mini green sweet baby grapes, Container of peach yogurt (Use whatever flavor yogurt you enjoy best,I used peach) 1 jar of Nutella, 1 box of Granola cereal, clear plastic cups To do: Wash and Cut the strawberries into half slices or strips. Throw a few strawberries in each cup, Then throw in two Tablespoons of the peach yogurt. Cover the yogurt with granola cereal,  then throw in some grapes. Throw in two tablespoons of peach yogurt, then the granola cereal again, then the Strawberries. You keep doing this until you reach the top. One time its strawberries, then grapes. When you reach the top. Your last layer should be strawberries.... Throw 1/2 a teaspoon of Nutella right on top of the last layer of strawberries. Take a look at the pic attached for you to get an idea how its suppose to look. Tip: When you throw in the layers, especially the yogurt. Try not to touch the inside of the cup so you don't get yogurt all over the cup. That way we ca…