Crepes are a delicious and simple dessert. And it all requires very little ingredients to make. As I have mentioned I am traveling for about 2 weeks with my husband in Europe and the day I left. Before leaving I made a quick meal for a friend. But I was in a bit of a rush as I had lots to do. (This goes to show that you don't have to be a person who is home all day doing nothing in order to cook, some people think that cooking is so old - fashioned and that it's for people who are not that busy and can afford to take the time and effort in doing it. For Those who think like that. You could not be more wrong....)

As I had to cook a full course meal in a rush. I made it all in less than an hour. I made breaded tilapia, rice, buttered and sautéed green beans and sausage, another veggie and even had time to make this quick and easy dessert.

I chose to fill it with Dulce de Leche since it is what I had hanging around. But you can fill it with one of many things. There are crepes filled with whipped cream, some with jam, some with  melted or spreadable chocolate, Dulce de Leche or whatever else you choose. Make it unique...

1 cup water
1 cup flour
2 tsp sugar

   All you do is mix these 3 ingredients together. It will be a bit liquidy but that is fine. Then you make them just like you make pancakes.

 (i.e.After mixing it in a large bowl. Get a frying pan and spray a little butter on it and spoon a bit into the center of the frying pan. Let it cook on medium - low heat and after about 1 minute or until it gets light brown. Then flip it over and cook the other side.)  
Once that is done and whilst still warm. Put in your filling about a spoonful in the center and roll it up. Set it aside nicely onto a decorative plate and you are all done   :  )

I would have loved to decorate this on the plate nicely but since I was in a rush that was the only thing I did not have enough time to do.
Do yourself a favor, take action and actually cook instead of saying ' I wish I was a good cook.'

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  1. Love it. That looks so good. I'm gonna make it soon. Question: with dulce de leche is it to sweet? Or is it a good sweet?

  2. I find it to be a good sweet. But the key is that I don't put so much or else it will overpower it.

  3. It is true that the pancakes are pretty easy to do. This is very useful when there is not much time! :D


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