Pistachio Breaded chicken

My husband being the exercise and health fanatic that he is. He loves anything to do with  a healthy lifestyle. So when I came across this pistachio breaded chicken he was eager for me to try it because since it has the pistachio nut. It is jam packed with protein, fiber and so much more  of the good stuff.  I served this Pistachio chicken with brown rice, and a spinach salad.

Chicken Breasts
Seasonings (salt, pepper, etc. (your choice)

It is really easy to make. All I did was get my chicken breasts and slice it in half long wise so that the breasts can be thinner. Then I cleaned my chicken by cutting off all the fat and washing it with vinegar and water to remove all of the slim.

Once that was done. I lightly seasoned my chicken (because pistachios already have a little salt) I seasoned my chicken with  a little oil (just for the seasonings to stick) salt, pepper, all purpose seasoning and garlic salt.

After seasoning, I took my pistachios - removed the shell and put all the actual nuts into the blender and blended it up into crumbs. (It needs to look like bread crumbs) Once you have blended it. Place you pistachio crumbs onto a plate and then bread your chicken by rubbing the seasoned breasts both sides onto the pistachio crumbs.

Set a frying pan with a little oil onto the stove and put it on medium heat. Fry your breaded breast for about 2 - 3 minutes on each side. Be very careful because it burns quickly. If it is burning to fast. Just lower the heat. They should come out golden brown not black.

Serves well with rice, mashed potatoes or even pasta.

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From my kitchen to yours
Elise Jackson


  1. Nancia (London FPK)June 28, 2012 at 6:45 PM

    sounds amazing. i will definitely be trying this .. i Love any thing to do with pistachios.. will come back to say how it was ..

  2. This recipe is so simple! It is imperative for me to try this recipe! Thank you for everything. Rachel G.


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