There is No Place Like Home

As I have mentioned to you all. Last week I traveled with my husband to Europe for 2 weeks and it was absolutely amazing. Every part of the trip. Meeting new people, Meeting fans of my blog  :  ), helping many, many people who are living in a lifestyle similar to my husbands. Gangs, drugs, depression, family problems etc. It is so extremely rewarding not to me. To God's Glory, but it is so extremely rewarding to see the results. For example there are so many people who have chosen to change the direction of their life from the moment they attend these events. So many who contact us speaking about the changes they have made for the better and also those who have not contacted us but still have changed.  Though we travelled and were treated  more than extremely well in each place we went to. We were excepted with love, kindness and great hospitality by everyone.

I have tried foods from each country, ate in - ate out, ate all types of food and at first it is very fun and exciting but after a while you want home. Home is anywhere. This is when I realized that the saying is real. 'There is No place like home' I started missing my home cooked meals made from my kitchen. Even my husband did. No restaurant can match up to my kitchen. That's how it should be. Instead of you and your family rushing out to any and all restaurants with such pleasure and relief. thinking "Please anything but food at home" Deep problem dear friend. That means something is wrong with your food.

My point is: I don't find that to be a bad thing. It's good for your loved ones to come to you and say I miss your food. That means you are doing something right : ) For someone to be eating all types of different foods and in the end say. 'I miss your food'. You have to be doing something right.

When I got home the first thing I made was a chicken and vegetable soup  :  ) We (me and my hubby) needed a good detox. When I say we ate a lot while traveling I mean we ate ALLOOOTTT!!! We had great hosts who would not stop feeding us. No matter how much we begged.

So my chicken and veg soup did the job. Delicious, healthy, and mine.

Make your food so irresistible that when it is not there, It is truly missed.
God Bless

With all my love, Elise


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