You need:
*1 can   -    sweetened condensed milk
*1 tsp    -    butter, margarine, or Pam spray
*2 tbsp  -    Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
*Sugar and cloves for topping

To make: 
In a medium sized pot, add your butter, turn fire on to low - medium heat. As soon as the butter begins to melt add the can of sweetened condensed milk and the Parmesan cheese (The Parmesean cheese adds a kick to the recipe, but, if you do not like Parmesan cheese you can follow the recipe and skip the Parmesan cheese step).

Begin mixing constantly, hardly stop, otherwise the condensed milk will create burnt clusters in the mix. Mix a lot! The total cooking time takes about  10 - 15minutes. You will begin to see the condensed milk thickening up, every so often, pick the pan up by the handle and tilt the condensed milk mixture back and forth. Once cooked, turn off the fire and let cool off in a cool place, for about 30 minutes. If you can cover it and put it outside that's better.  
(see below for great tips and ideas to know when your Beijinho is ready).

You now have Two choices: You could eat it just the way it is. Which I love so much just like that! Or you can continue and make it as the picture above shows. 
To continue; spread the sugar on a plate then rub butter all over your hands and grab a spoon of the condensed milk mixture and roll into a ball. Roll the ball over the sugar then put one clove in the center of the Beijinho, and there you have it Brazil's famous -Beijinho

*****As for me, I actually like the burnt clusters in the mix, so don't worry if you get them. But the more professional way of making Beijinhos is to not have the burnt clusters in the mix. Plus for Brigadeiro it doesn't show because that is dark, but for Beijinhos you can definitely see the burnt clusters because it is white. So keep mixing.

*****The most important part of this recipe is how good you mix it. Its not hard, but you have to mix really good

*****In the beginning you will see the condensed milk really liquidity, but as it cooks it will start to thicken up and loosen up from the bottom of the pan. What you are looking for is for the condensed milk mixture to completely move back and forth without sticking to the bottom of the pan. That's when you know its ready. Don't allow it to overcook though otherwise when it cools off it will become hard as a rock. Its better to under cook it a little then to overcook it.

*****Let it cool off a little more before actually eating eat.

As you can see, There is hardly a difference between this recipe and Brigadeiro, you can pretty much take the same recipe and add anything you want to it, make it your own.

Thanks for sharing this recipe with us Sister


  1. Thank you Mrs.Elsie
    I will definitely try out the recipe. I loved the recipe and this is so good. I hope I make it good.

  2. I'm sure yours will come out great Julie. Please feel free to try out my other recipes as well

  3. I have had to search long and hard to find this recipe my Thursday evening treat will now be complete with coconut sprinkles


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