Whipped Cream day 1

Today I will give you an important tip on making your whipped cream. This tip came to me from Mrs. Evelyn and it is so true because that happened to me once so I learned my lesson.
Once again Thank You Mrs. Evelyn.

One tip is not to allow any water or moisture to be in the bowl or to fall into the unwhipped cream. Even a drop of water can cause the cream to clot and turn to butter, and no amount of whipping can change that! Thanks Elsie:)
If you have any tips or recipes to do with whipped cream, please comment in the comment bar below so everyone can benefit from it too. Make sure to come back tomorrow and see the next post Whipped Cream day 2.
See you then

By Elsie Da Silva


  1. When I'm going to make whipped cream I leave the bowl and whip in the freezer for a while before I use it :)

  2. Yes, that is a good idea Alicia. Leaving it in the freezer or even the refrigerator allows the whipped cream to thicken up a little. Plus, whipped cream always tastes better chilled.


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