Chocolate Fountain

This is for Jhaun; she recently asked me a question on the comment bar of one of my posts. Her question was, How do you get the chocolate to run smoothly through the machine?, How do you melt the chocolate?, and whats the best Chocolate to use?

A Fondue fountain, also known as chocolate machine is a very delicious way to eat your fruits or to just basically cover anything you would like in chocolate. This is great for parties or for just for chocolate lovers who want to indulge in chocolate, either way its a unique way to eat chocolate.

To answer your question Jhaun, for a Fondue fountain you can melt any chocolate and it would work, but if the chocolate you use isn't smooth enough, then you would have to add some oil to thin it out. The absolute best chocolate to use and that really should be used is  "Couverture chocolate" Couverture is a French word for dipping. This type of chocolate contains between 33-44% of cocoa butter in it, this helps the chocolate run more smoothly through the machine, and it also coats better.

There are three ways to melt the chocolate for the Fondue fountain: One: you can put the chocolate in the machine and follow instruction on the machine to melt your chocolate (but note, this will take a while to melt your chocolate since its at a very low temperature). Two: You can put the chocolate in the microwave for 20 seconds at a time and mix every 20 seconds until all the chocolates melt.

Double Boiler
Or Three: Which I believe is the best option, Is to melt the chocolate in a double boiler (This is a pot that in the bottom pot you can put water and in the top pot you would put the chocolate and it will melt with the steam of the water). If you don't have a double boiler you can just do what I do and just use two small pots. Be very careful though. Make sure that one pots sits fine on top of the other and in the bottom pot put water, in the top pot put the chocolate and put the heat on medium. As the water heats up and boils the chocolate will be melting with the steam of the water. Keep mixing the chocolate until all the chocolate is melted.

Either way you melt your chocolate, just make sure you don't allow water to get in the chocolate or it will destroy your melting process and even fade the chocolate.

Enjoy! and please do send me pictures of whatever recipe of mine that you do so I can post them, send them to

Thank You and God Bless!

By Elsie Dasilva


  1. Hi Mrs. Elsie :) thank you so much for the answer.... The fountain was okay but, only now I saw that water wasn't supposed to reach in chocolate and I did place water in there. And it resulted in a lot of bubbles....

    I believe if I continue to practise I will get there thank you for the help and I will make sure to use the help you have given me :)


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