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Competition Winner 'Lisa Gumada'

A big congratulations to the competition winner of my blogs first competition posted on February 6th. Lisa went above and beyond to proove that she indeed wanted to be a better cook.

Lisa from Cape Town, South Africa cooked various different meals, tried different recipes she wasn't used to, commented on many blog posts, invited friends to be a part of the group and subscribed herself to receive daily emails when I post.

The Prize: She gets to write me a list of all the ingredients she has in her kitchen and I will give her various recipes and ideas on the different meals she could cook with those ingredients. Sounds fun...

Once again, Great job to Lisa and to all the other competition participants you all did great and I am sure that you have already learned more about cooking just by showing your interest and by being more involved in doing your best in the kitchen.

Great job to everyone, keep posted to see when the next competition will be.

From my kitchen to yours

Romeo and Juliet Cake

Yesterday, I just made a Romeo and Juliet cake. MMMMMM...... So good.  The reason why its called Romeo is because of the Guava paste and Juliet because of the parmesan cheese). It is actually the first time that I made this type of cake. I followed a recipe I got from my mom and added my own touch to spruce it up. It came out really yummy. I wish I could share a piece with you to try over the internet for you to see how truly delicious it really is. The cake is already half way gone...

Here is the recipe for you to try for yourself.

2 tbsp margarine
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1 1/2 cup milk
4 cups flour
1 tbsp baking powder
2 cups guava paste (cut into cubes)
1 can condensed milk
50g shredded coconut
(Optional) 100g parmesan cheese

Preheat your oven to 350F,

Then in a big bowl mix margarine and the sugar, then add in your eggs, flour (a little at a time), milk and baking powder. Mix it all well. Then butter and flour your baking tray and pour your cake mix into the baking t…

A Blog Viewer

Hi everyone,

Wow you are really competing to win, great job. You have until Friday to win the competition of who wants to be a better cook. For those of you who did not start yet and know you need it. Follow the competition rules posted on February 6th and compete. You can still win.

Today I want to post this picture of a blog viewer named Wame from Botswana, she tried the recipe that I posted of Spagetthi and Meatballs tried it and really enjoyed it.

Good Job Wame, I am sure they tasted really yummy...

From my kitchen to yours
Elise Jackson

Making Veggies Edible

Have you ever had a problem with yourself or family members eating vegetables...
That is often a big problem, vegetables are really good for you to eat but at the same time sometimes they are either tasteless or not as delicious as lets say a burger or cheesecake for instance but never the less it is something that your body needs and something that can really be made to taste yummy.

Take a look at these yummy vegetable ideas to make yummy meals.

So as you can see there are many ways to prepare your vegetables so that you and your family can enjoy besides the old fashioned just boiling or steaming them. Spruce it up and make it into a way that you will enjoy as you start to eat them this way; your taste buds will start getting accustomed to it and then sooner or later you will actually start experimenting with all sorts of vegetables and actually start liking it.

I really like vegetables now but there was a time that I hated it. I actually enjoy eating my veggies now. Just today I at…

The Competition Starts NOW...

Hello dear blog viewers, subscribers and followers,

I came up with an idea to help you and to give back to you as blog viewers. From time to time I am going to do competitions on my blog for different types of prizes. The ultimate prize would be for me to actually go to your house and teach you step by step how to cook. But that obviously is not going to happen. So I devised a plan to get to as close to it as I can.

Here is the competition:
For the next week and a half From now until next week Friday the 15th of February whoever shows the most interest in wanting to learn or improve their cooking skills through your actions will get the prize for this month.

If you can prove that you want to be a better cook by doing as many things as you can then you deserve the prize as simple as it may be... ACT ON IT...

The challenge:

 Ask cooking related questions or share your pictures of you in the kitchen cooking something of your own or a recipe that I shared with you on my blog, and email it …

Have you ever had THOSE days?

Here are a few desserts that can be made on a regular. Have you ever had THOSE days that you just felt like eating something sweet but don't have anything lying around the house and you sure don't feel like going to the store to buy anything and don't have the money to waste either...

That happens to me a lot  :   ) so I just make something with what I have at home. Quick, easy and satisfying. Here I had some brownies (Actually I didn't even make them I had a box of store bought brownies (if you want something quick you can even use the boxed brownies where you just add milk, eggs and oil) not always recommended but once in a while you can give yourself a break.

Here I used my store bought brownies that I had lying around but I didn't want them plain so i added chocolate spread and Dulce de Leche as well as whipped cream on top.  (use the search bar to the right hand side of this blog to search for how to make  'Homemade Dulce De Leche' (from May 1, 2012 a…