Whipped Cream day 2

Before making this recipe, first follow the whipped cream recipe I gave you on my blog post two days ago called 'How to make whipped Cream' 

Light Ice-Cream sandwich
You will need:
Maria Cookies 
Whipped Cream
(Chocolate chip cookie or cookie of your choice can be used to replace the Maria Cookies)

You are going to get the Maria cookies and place a nice sized scoop of the whipped cream in the center of the cookie. Top the whipped cream with another of the same cookie and slightly press it down. Press it down just enough to spread the whipped cream but not to hard to squeeze out the whipped cream. You may leave it as is, or you may put a topping on the sides of the ice-cream sandwich as you see in the picture above. Do this to however many cookie you would like. Place the cookies on a tray and place in the freezer uncovered overnight or for best results one entire day.

There you have it! Light Ice -Cream Sandwich. I really love this recipe because when you freeze the whipped cream and eat the ice-cream sandwich, the whipped cream actually tastes like vanilla ice-cream. I love it and its light!

Enjoy! - (If you have any recipes, tips or ideas for whipped cream, please comment in the comment bar. I am posting seven days of whipped cream.

By Elsie Da Silva


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