Whipped Cream day 6

Another thing that Whipped Cream can be used in is: Sweetened whipped fruit salad.
 What you need:  serves 3 people
* 3 Fruits of your choice
* 1 cup Whipped cream
* 2 tbsp Sweetened condensed milk

How to make:
In the whipped cream that you already made, add the sweetened condensed milk and fold over don't mix so it won't get over whipped. Just simply kind of slightly blend it in, stir it soft and slow just for the sweetened condensed milk to mix in the whipped cream. Set aside, then cut up the fruits of your choice into cubed or diced size pieces, place in a bowl and choose from two options.
Option 1= add the Sweetened whipped mixture to the bowl and stir everything together to have a delicious bite sized blend of everything together and serve as is.
Option 2= serve fruits as is and place a spoon of the Sweetened whipped mixture over the fruits as a decoration to top the fruits.
Yum and healthy. Enjoy!


By Elsie Da Silva


  1. this is like ambrosia just add the cream cheese and coconut


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