How it's put on the plate

I made this meal for a friend just the other day. It was a simple meal. (Which by the way the recipes for these foods are on my blog already as I have made them before.) But what I took extra time to do was to try and decorate it differently and in a way I didn't before. I cut my carrots into stars, fanned my cucumbers out into a sort of butterfly, made my rice into a perfect circle and neatly placed each item onto the plate with so much care. Not one crumb out of place

When you prepare your meals you should dedicate just as much attention to it. Especially if it is for a loved one. I do this all the time. Not just for a special friend. (My husband sometimes hates it because he wants to eat right away and does not want to wait for me to make his plate 'look pretty' he says  :  )  but every chance I get I am doing this.  Even though he doesn't always allow me to decorate and garnish his plates. I still pile the food on there very neatly.

Don't just throw your food on your plate or just mix it all up in there.

I am sorry. This meal could be really delicious but by the way it is thrown on the plate it looks disgusting to me. 

It's all in the preparation of your dish. Make your meal with love and place it nicely onto the plate with just as much love. Even if it is for your self.

P.S. I have made these foods before. They are all on my blogs older post. Just check in the search box on the top right hand side. Search for rice or chicken and it should pop up for you. It was a Brazilian styled rice with garlic and a baked chicken soaked in wine and turkey slices. A really good meal.

God Bless


  1. It's so true mrs Elise, looking at that second plate just makes food impossible to enjoy...and that second picture really puts in perspective what your trying to make clear with the first.


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