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Fat Free Flan (Pudim de Leite)

Normally an entire flan is about 3490 calories making each slice about 218 calories.But this healthier one is about 2750 calories for the whole thing and about 172 calories per slice. We managed to knock out about 700+  calories and still keep the same great taste just by using healthier ingredients.

This version is: 2750 calories 0 fat 15mg cholesterol 586g carbohydrate
Per slice / 16 slices 172 calories 0g fat Less than 1mg cholesterol 37g carbohydrate Not bad hummm Using these items below Vs Regular Flan 3490 calories 95g fat 1100mg cholesterol 521g carbohydrate
Per slice/ 16 slices 218 calories 6g fat 69mg cholesterol 33g carbohydrate
Check out the amount of Cholesterol
This recipe makes a double batch for the flan to be bigger. But you can do half the recipe if you would like. It will just be smaller.
I used: *2 cans fat -free sweetened condensed milk  *2 cans fat free lactose free milk *1 cup egg beaters (equivalent to 4 eggs) *3 tbsp caramel (smucker's toppings)
Blend all ingredi…

Fun recipes that I can do with my kids...

Kids love to come in the kitchen and help their mommy cook. I created a few kid friendly colorful recipes that you and your little one can enjoy together. There are even some recipes that don't require cooking that they can do on their own and feel like they did the extraordinary and cooked or baked you a meal : - ) They all have 5 ingredients or less. Get your little ones to enjoy cooking at a young age so that when they get older this won't be a hard task for them to have to
learn. It'll be something natural to them.
A lady just asked me the other day for some tips on fun things she can do along with her little daughter. Here are a few yummy yet fun/ 30 minutes or less.
Open Top Pie (12 servings)
Ingredients: 1 pack Puffy pastry pie dough 2 Chicken breasts 1 1/2  cup broccoli (chopped into bite size pieces) 1 cup heavy cream 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
Preheat your oven to 350F. Then line your muffin try with all of your puff pastries similar to th picture above. Set…

Blog viewers worldwide

Today I decided to go through all of my files and share with you all of the blog viewers to date who have tried my recipes or have paid attention to the cooking advise given on this blog to utilize their talents and expand their cooking skills. Congrats to you all for trying hard and going above and beyond your own expectations. There are many others who have been following the posts on my blog and congratulations to you as well.

If you have seen this blog help you, then comment below inspiring those who have not yet tried.

A person who has an open mind will never fail in life because they are always willing to learn something new. Keep an open mind and put into practice the thing you didn't know how to make. Only in this way will you truly be able to learn a new talent, develop a new skill and explore the cooking world  : - )
If you have been cooking with me, making some of these dishes or this blog has been helping you, share your testimonial and experience with me. So that I c…

Did you know this about eggs?

Eggs are one of the most popular used ingredients in todays society. We use them for a multitude of dishes from baked goods to savory meals. They play an important role in most dishes. But there are a few tips that you need to know about them before you eat it.
Did You Know? Eggs have an extremely high amount of cholesterol, they run from about 165mg - 250mg of cholesterol per egg. Your total cholesterol intake per day should be no more than 200mg - 300mg for a healthy person. So by you just eating 2 eggs you have already passed your cholesterol levels for that day. Not to count other things that you eat that contain a high amount of cholesterol such as dairy products like milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese etc… All of these can cause you to have high cholesterol especially when it comes to eating too much eggs.

Did You Know? When cracking an egg open you should remove the Chalaza. The Chalaza is the foggy colored string like shape in your egg.

There are many ways to simply remove this wh…

Pecan Pie

I am a huge fan of Pecan Pie. Just the other day I made one from scratch at home and shared it with a few friends. Needless to say it disappeared in just a few minutes; and everyone loved it. Pecan Pie has a really soft flavor and its center is more or less sticky and gooey with pecan chunks in every bite and a nice delicate crust on top and the hard pie crust at the bottom. Really a yummy dessert if you haven't tried it yet. This will be worth your while. I've tried a few different pecan pie recipes but this one is by far one of the best. I absolutely loved it…

- 1 cup sugar - 1 cup light corn syrup
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 1/2 cup butter
- 2 cups chopped or crushed pecans
- 1 cup whole pecans
- 2 pie crusts
- 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
- 4 eggs
- 1 tsp vanilla extract

How to make it:

Preheat your oven to 400F or 200C and bake your pie crusts for about 5 minutes or until half way cooked. Then  remove from the oven and cover just the edges loosely in aluminum foil to avoid it from burni…

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From my kitchen to yours
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How to properly clean and cook pork

Pork isn't the healthiest of foods, But whenever you do eat it; its extremely important for you to know how to clean and cook it properly; because improper cleaning or cooking of the meat can result in you getting very sick. Many people like pork and many people don't. But this is a good alternative option for a random day when you feel like just eating something different and out of your norm.

Here I used Pork Chops, but for you to clean any type of pork meat. You must use lemon and vinegar - something that works well is italian dressing. What I normally do is squeeze out the lemon juice, vinegar and or italian dressing into a bowl with the pork and rub it around and wash it in that. (If you can; try to leave the meat inside of this liquid for 24 hours. If not than just leave it there for as long as you can. Then thoroughly wash your meat out in water)

Now you can be able to season your pork as you want, brush a little bit of olive oil on top then season with a little salt, …