Fried Rice

This is the most simple thing to make and it is so good. Have you ever been to a chinese restaurant and ordered 'fried rice'?  This is exactly like it. Except you can add whatever you want.  I added eggs,various frozen veggies like (lima beans,peas, corn, green beans, carrots act.) chicken and salmon.

All I did was cook my rice (Brazilian style) search on the search box to the right for rice and you will find it. It is a simple rice with garlic. I cooked that and then separately cooked each thing. I seasoned and baked my chicken for about 45 minutes. I seasoned and baked my salmon for about 20 minutes in the oven under 350F or 170C, I cooked my eggs and whatever else. Then in a big pan I mixed it all together and added a little soy sauce and twalla.

There you have it. A  decent meal in minutes


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