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Kendria from California tried the chicken wrapped in bacon recipe

Lisa from Cape Town, South Africa tried my Empadao recipe

Today I decided to go through all of my files and share with you all of the blog viewers to date who have tried my recipes or have paid attention to the cooking advise given on this blog to utilize their talents and expand their cooking skills. Congrats to you all for trying hard and going above and beyond your own expectations. There are many others who have been following the posts on my blog and congratulations to you as well.

If you have seen this blog help you, then comment below inspiring those who have not yet tried.

Wame from Botswana tried my recipe of Spaghetti and Meatballs

Leanne from Ireland made Flan

A person who has an open mind will never fail in life because they are always willing to learn something new. Keep an open mind and put into practice the thing you didn't know how to make. Only in this way will you truly be able to learn a new talent, develop a new skill and explore the cooking world  : - )
Amanda from Dallas made a fun Fruit Punch for her kids birthday party
Sulma from the Philippines made garlic bread
If you have been cooking with me, making some of these dishes or this blog has been helping you, share your testimonial and experience with me. So that I can also post your dishes and experiences later on in this blog. 

If you are one of those who simple pass by to read the blog but don't ever muster up the guts to actually try it; in the name of  'I Can't'… well, there is nothing else to say to you but get up and try. All of these people as well didn't know how to until they got up and tried.

Eunice from Dallas taught me how to make Flauntas
Happiness from New Jersey made a delicious chocolate covered strawberry cake
If all of these people could be creative and do these thing. Why can't you. I decided to share this with you all, just to make a point just to inspire those of you who haven't yet tried. Take a chance...

Mayela from Texas made a Choco Flan

 I had the greatest privilege to actually meet some of my international blog viewers. What a pleasure that was. Hopefully one day soon. I may meet some others:


Others wrote to me about their questions or experiences: 

Hello Mrs Elise, My name is Amelia and I am from  the Uk, the branch her in Finsbury ParkI have been looking at you blog and love the different recipes you have shared!!. I can almost taste it lol. Well just today I had made a Cooking Rota, on the days in which I will be cooking at home  ( I live with two of my close friends). I am down for Tuesday's and Sundays, and I wanted to do something special, tasty, healthy and filling. Not only for a week but constantly making tasty food to enjoy and not just to 'kill that hungry belly'.What do you suggest?I was thinking to make a lasagna, but not to sure of how to make it.
Looking forward to hear from you :-) xx

    Amelia Vicente

Dear Mrs Elise
My name is **** and currently stay in Cape Town (South Africa). I follow and read your blog and I am enjoying it. I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some research on your husband's book for a Godllywood task I was doing last year.
I would just like to know from you what are the basic things that need to be in a shopping list. For example, I am aspiring homemaker and cook, so what are the things that I need to have on my grocery list.
Secondly, what are the things that I need to have always in my kitchen, meaning utensils, materials, etc.
I enjoy your blog and learn many things from it, like cleaning chicken
I really hope to hear from you soon.
Many kisses

Here are others who also sent in their pictures:

If you want some of these recipe here they are:

Chicken wrapped in bacon
Empadao/ Brazilian Chicken Pie
Spaghetti and Meatballs

From my kitchen to yours
God bless


  1. Hi Mrs Elise
    The adventure still continues on my side. I am just trying to incorporate more healthy eating into my lifestyle as I've starting an eating plan. The food on the plan is starting to get boring though coz it's the same thing over and over again :( It kind of stifles the foodie that I am LOL!

    Once again thanks for helping me to find one of my passions in life!

    Lisa - Cape Town

  2. Hi Lisa, let me know what kind of foods you can eat in your plan so that I can help you spruce it up a bit and make some healthy alternatives to what you are eating, My husband recently was doing a detox and only eating fruits and vegetables for 1 month but his food never got boring because I found delicious ways to make unique dishes. For instance I found a vegetable pasta and made him some vegetarian spaghetti with the vegetable pasta, mushrooms a few other veggies and tomato sauce, i also made a really good vegetable soup, he also ate cheese sandwiches with veggie cheese and sprouted bread as well as bread and egg type sandwich with the two Jamaican fruit bread fruit and acki. the bread fruit is a fruit that you can put in the oven and it tastes just like bread and the acki is a fruit that looks and tastes like eggs. So as you can see. There are many options no matter what your regime. Don't bore yourself with the same foods

  3. Hey I never got my delicious plate haaa jkjk


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