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Mexican Flautas

A Blog Viewer named Eunice made this dish a few weeks ago and it was an absolute success. I had never tasted it before. But apparently it is big in the Mexican culture. So I had to take a picture of it and get the recipe for you. So here it is. A must try recipe.

WARMING UP... first you have to warm up the tortillas (1tortilla=1 flauta)
 NOTE: you can fill your flautas with cheese, mashed potatoe, chicken, or whetever you desire. If you decide to do some with mashed potatoe make sure to add salt or spices to give it a little flavor.
2. FILL... as you have the tortilla in your hand, place the food (ex. cheese) and roll it like a taco and press a little to make sure it will not unroll itself. Tip: do not overfill, otherwise the food will end up coming out either when you roll the tortilla or when you fry it.
3. FRYING... place a pan with oil of your choice and let it warm up. When it's ready, start placing the flautas in the pan and make sure they don't unroll themselves, until they look brown and crispy, but make sure move (roll) them so that they can fry all around. Tip: you can even use toothpicks so that the flautas won't unroll.
4.COOLING DOWN... as you start taking the flautas out from the pan, place them in a plate so that the oil can drain out (placing on top of a paper towel is a quick and effective way to drain). (Tip: do not let the falutas get too cold, they are more enjoyable warm, but not extremely HOT!)
SIDES: you can prepare the flautas with:
sour cream or sauce of your choice
shredded letuce
hot sauce (home made)
And there you have a very delicious dish :)

Thank you Eunice for sharing this dish with us. I will definitely try it soon and let you know how it comes out.

P.S. Blog viewers do the same. When you make something, share the recipe or pictures of your dish here.  Email me just to let me know what you've been learning from this blog or  even to ask questions like what you would like to learn  more about or what recipe you would like to see here etc.

Send it to my email I will for sure answer and help in any way I can and I might just share it here.

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From my kitchen to yours,
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