Fat Free Flan (Pudim de Leite)

Normally an entire flan is about 3490 calories making each slice about 218 calories.But this healthier one is about 2750 calories for the whole thing and about 172 calories per slice. We managed to knock out about 700+  calories and still keep the same great taste just by using healthier ingredients.

This version is:
2750 calories
0 fat
15mg cholesterol
586g carbohydrate

Per slice / 16 slices
172 calories
0g fat
Less than 1mg cholesterol
37g carbohydrate
Not bad hummm
Using these items below
Regular Flan
3490 calories
95g fat
1100mg cholesterol
521g carbohydrate

Per slice/ 16 slices
218 calories
6g fat
69mg cholesterol
33g carbohydrate

Check out the amount of Cholesterol

This recipe makes a double batch for the flan to be bigger. But you can do half the recipe if you would like. It will just be smaller.

I used:
*2 cans fat -free sweetened condensed milk 
*2 cans fat free lactose free milk
*1 cup egg beaters (equivalent to 4 eggs)
*3 tbsp caramel (smucker's toppings)

Blend all ingredients (except for the caramel) together in a blender for about 20sec. Mix with a spoon, then blend for like a minute.
Spray a bundt form pan with PAM spray, then add the caramel. Over the caramel, pour the milk mix. Cover with aluminum foil tightly and bake in oven on 350*F in ba├▒o Maria for an hour.

Let cool for an hour or two.
Flip over and enjoy!

This recipe was actually done and given to me by my sister Elsie, she came up with this idea to find a way to make an equally delicious Flan but with few calories and less guilt whilst eating it. She is such a smarty and a great baker may I add. thanks sis for this amazing recipe. Your the best… By the way for those of you who might not know she also has a blog but hers is about dating the right way… those of you in a relationship or in need of finding the right one should definitely check out her blog. Its amazing. I'm married already and still read it because she makes some interesting points.

For the full fatty version click here:


  1. Delicious I need a sweet desert like that

  2. Such a great dessert!!! Now i can do it on my own yay! Cant wait to this recepie!!

  3. Such a great dessert!!! Now i can do it on my own yay! Cant wait to this recepie!!

  4. I wanted to ask, how long do you leave the flan in for?? How do i know it's ready :D

  5. Hi Triana, sorry for taking long to reply. You just cook it in the oven for 1 hour and then remove from the oven and let cool for 1 hour before refrigerating for a few hours. Tastes best when served cold. Hope that helps : - )

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