Did you know this about eggs?

Eggs are one of the most popular used ingredients in todays society. We use them for a multitude of dishes from baked goods to savory meals. They play an important role in most dishes. But there are a few tips that you need to know about them before you eat it.

Did You Know?
Eggs have an extremely high amount of cholesterol, they run from about 165mg - 250mg of cholesterol per egg. Your total cholesterol intake per day should be no more than 200mg - 300mg for a healthy person. So by you just eating 2 eggs you have already passed your cholesterol levels for that day. Not to count other things that you eat that contain a high amount of cholesterol such as dairy products like milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese etc… All of these can cause you to have high cholesterol especially when it comes to eating too much eggs.

Did You Know?
When cracking an egg open you should remove the Chalaza. The Chalaza is the foggy colored string like shape in your egg.

There are many ways to simply remove this when cracking your egg you can remove this part with the shell itself or remove it with a fork, also. But this part should be removed because no one wants to taste a nasty stringy like substance as they eat. Plus it just looks a bit disgusting. Though the Chalaza is not anything major or disgusting. Its purpose is to simply hold the yolk in place to allow a healthy development of the chic. Some people believe that the Chalaza changes the consistency of dishes when not removed, I don't personally feel that way but I just hate to see people cooking with eggs and not remove this part, its disgusting to me.
Here is another neat idea on how to remove it.

Did you know?

Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamin D also

The key purpose in any dish for eggs is to help hold ingredients together. Because of its stickiness it hold together almost anything. For instance when making a cake, if you forget to add in your eggs. The cake will look fine once baked but will fall into a million pieces when you remove it from the mold because it doesn't have its holding agent ( the egg) the same goes for making something like meatballs. You normally would mix in your ground meat, salt, pepper and breadcrumbs but would also crack an egg in there to help form your meatballs into uniform round shapes that will be moldable and form/ bake well. to equal out to being the perfect meatball, the stickiness helps in making it moldable.

Eggs are important in most dishes but as with everything else needs to be used in moderation as to not get high cholesterol.

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