Honey Glazed Sticky Chicken

One of the simplest ways to make your chicken, its actually very tasty. For those of you who like chinese food or things like sweet and sour chicken, chicken teriyaki, bbq chicken, sesame chicken, or general tso's chicken. Here is a quick alternative and an amazing taste similar to all of the listed foods above.

Goes along great with just plain white rice or even creamy mashed potatoes. Give it a try.

Honey glazed sticky chicken.

3 chicken breasts
3 tbsp honey
1/4 cup brown sugar
4 tbsp water

Dice your chicken breast into nice sized chunks, clean it by washing it in vinegar and water. Once thoroughly washed put your chicken in a big pan with a little bit of oil and cook on medium high heat until nicely browned. Once it is nice and a dark brown color add in your brown sugar and water, mix well until all dissolved and lower the heat to medium low, add in your honey and mix well. It will all begin to look like a light brown color.

Lower your heat to low and allow to look for about 10 minutes, the sauce will get thicker and become a darker brown color. Once the sauce is nicely thickened and your chicken is fully cooked. Your done.

Done in minutes and very delicious with white rice. Here is a great white rice recipe to try with it.

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