Basic White Rice

Is it like mushy like mashed potatoes (overcooked) or watery like rock soup (undercooked)?

Rice is not supposed to be either way. I find the Brazilian style to making rice is the best so far and it is really delicious.

You can use any type of white rice, Usually when I buy rice  I look for 'Basmati' or 'Jasmine' style rice it is an indian type  of rice. It is a bit more expensive than the other rice but I like it because to me it tastes a bit better and it is fluffier; but any rice will come out just the same.

 How to prepare your rice to get it perfect every time

For every  1 cup of rice you put 1 cup of water, ( 1 cup of rice serves about 2 people) so if you are making rice for 4 people you need 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water, get it?

 Here is how to do it step by step (try it)
You need
Garlic,rice,salt, water
  • Get a pot and put a tiny bit of oil at the bottom  about 2 tablespoons to be exact (olive oil to be healthy is best, that is what I always cook with) 
  • Then add to the oil 3 cloves of fresh crushed garlic in with the oil (or you can buy the already crushed fresh garlic in the jar at the store, it is really handy and you can use 1 spoon of that)
  • Measure how much rice you are going to use and use a strainer and rinse the rice very well for a long time(because rice has a lot of starch you want to rinse as much of that off as you can. Starch also gives it a weird taste)(always measure if not too much water or too little water will destroy your rice)
  • Then turn the stove on medium and with a wooden spoon toss the garlic around really quickly, until it gets just about golden (less than 30 seconds)
  • Add your already rinsed rice and 2 pinches of salt in the pot and mix it around a little with the garlic 
  • Add your water, (remember the water is the same amount as you added of rice.) and cover the pot
  • mix it quickly, then turn the fire on high and leave it until it starts to boil. DO NOT MIX IT AGAIN AFTER THIS, this is the stage when it can start to get mushy if you mix it too much
  • once it starts to boil you turn the fire down to  very low and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes or until you notice there is no more water at all on the bottom.
  • Once you have no more water at the bottom, to remove your rice from the pot do not use a spoon that will make it mushy. Use a fork and fluff it out of the pot slowly and onto a serving dish.
Twalla,  there you have  your delicious Brazilian style rice, ENJOY
email me with questions, comments or pictures of your rice at
God Bless


  1. How did you know i need help with my rice?? lol I have had multiple bad attemts of making rice, but the few times i did it right , i did it the brazilian way! . Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi
    I tried making Brazilian rice before..(lol)
    It didnt come out the way i expected it to,But thank you for the Guideline ill definately try

  3. Hi Chantel, yes normally people take time to get their rice good. Sometimes it can be too mushy like mashed potatoes and other times still raw. But try to follow this recipe step by step and see how it comes out. It should come out fine. Let me know...

  4. Im happy because my rice now come out very good just the way I want it,before it used to be mashy sometimes not cooked,
    thank you for the instructions.


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