Fruit Parfait

1 box of fresh strawberries,
1 box of mini green sweet baby grapes,
Container of peach yogurt (Use whatever flavor yogurt you enjoy best,I used peach)
1 jar of Nutella,
1 box of Granola cereal,
clear plastic cups
To do:
Wash and Cut the strawberries into half slices or strips.
Throw a few strawberries in each cup, Then throw in two Tablespoons of the peach yogurt. Cover the yogurt with granola cereal,  then throw in some grapes. Throw in two tablespoons of peach yogurt, then the granola cereal again, then the Strawberries. You keep doing this until you reach the top. One time its strawberries, then grapes. When you reach the top. Your last layer should be strawberries.... Throw 1/2 a teaspoon of Nutella right on top of the last layer of strawberries. Take a look at the pic attached for you to get an idea how its suppose to look.
Tip: When you throw in the layers, especially the yogurt. Try not to touch the inside of the cup so you don't get yogurt all over the cup. That way we can see the layers. I just dropped the two tsps. of yogurt in the cup.
This is a great healthy snack, and a good way to get in your fruit intake especially if you are a person who doesn't like fruits. It has your fruit, your smooth yogurt, a nice crunch from the granola and your dab of chocolate on top. 

From my kitchen to yours
This recipe was shared with me by my sister who can also really throw down in the kitchen :-)  She has an awesome blog about how to date God's way. 
Check it out when you get a chance


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