Why am I eating salads and still gaining weight?

Just because you are eating a salad as a main course or even as a side dish does not quite mean that you are doing a good job. Salad itself is really healthy, especially when you put in all those yummy green vegetables along with your protein and other fruits or vegetables to complete that delicious yet heart healthy and filling meal.

You can make a great salad by putting... lets say some lettuce, cabbage,kale or even spinach, carrots, cucumber,mushrooms, nuts,  any fruit, tomatoes, radish and basically anything you feel like. Salads can be done countless ways, the options of how you can put them together are endless. Your creativity can roll when it comes to making your own unique salad.

But this is where the downfall comes in. If you are making your salad, full of protein, vitamins, fiber and all that good stuff but then you go on and add in all of that dressing that you love. Ranch, French, Italian, Ceasar , Thousand Island dressing or anything else. You are basically defeating the whole purpose of your salad. Because now you just added in so much sugar, salt, cream and whatever else is in your dressing making your salad unhealthier than if you were to go ahead and just eat a burger and fries.

There is no problem in making your salad and adding in that yummy dressing but… In moderation. Instead of just pouring it on. Measure out 1 or 2 tablespoons at most and there you go. Your healthy salad is yummy enough to eat without being just dry vegetables thrown together.

Then there goes the whole thing about what you add to your salad… Making a great salad then adding in all sorts of unhealthy things to it. Will do the same thing; turn something that was meant to be healthy; super unhealthy. Adding things like bacon, deep fried chicken,  an overload of cheese, too much croutons and other things of that sort only turn your salad into a diet nightmare. 

Imagine your salad with all the fruits and vegetables you want but then you add in loads of bacon, cheese, croutons, deep fried chicken and loads of your favorite dressing. You will easily pass the amount of calories and fat that there would be in lets say a pizza, burger or a great pasta dish.

If you are going to eat salads. Then do it smart. Salads can be really enjoyable to eat when done properly with just the right ingredients put together and formed just to your tastings. Salads can include almost anything from vegetables to nuts, to fruit and even beans and still taste amazing enough to eat it alone in the place of a meal.

Take a look at these great salad choices Be more aware and create your own next time. Choose to eat it as a healthy salad instead of an extremely unhealthy one.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


  1. That is true the more you add the bacon and all croutons and cheese, its unhealthy thank you for the tip gonna check it out … :D

  2. I agree with you, the salad with lots of unhealthy things won't make a difference.kisses


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