Stuffed Breaded Chicken

I decided to try something new. There is something that I normally make called 'Chicken kiev' or 'Chicken Cordon Bleu' Which is chicken stuffed with either turkey and cheese or with garlic butter for instance. That way when you cut into the chicken you have that gooey cheese coming out or the butter oozing out of the chicken. ( I'll put up the recipe for this soon)

But I made something similar. I decided to to stuff my chicken this time with turkey ground beef and cheese. Then breaded and baked it. Topping it off with an onion, tomato and pepper sauté. Served alongside with a semi sweet spaghetti and turkey ground meat sauce.

This was made by firstly cleaning and Seasoning my chicken breasts. Then slicing them directly  in half long wise to make it thinner. I separately cooked my ground beef simply in oil and garlic with a touch of salt and pepper. Once cooked. I allowed it to cool and scooped a little of it into the center of my already cleaned and seasoned chicken breast, along with a pinch of cheese. Then you roll it up. Securing it with a toothpick. Allowing all of the goods to remain inside the chicken.

I then placed the rolled chicken into a buttered pyrex and then I lightly rubbed the top of the chicken with mayonnaise and sprinkled the breadcrumbs on top of that and lightly sprayed the top of the breadcrumbs with butter spray.

Then placed it in the oven. under 350F for about 40min or until thoroughly cooked throughout. Separately I sautéed some cut up onion, pepper and tomato and placed it on top.

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