The most important part to any recipe is the seasoning. Think about it. You can have anything, it can look so delicious but when you bite into it and it is overly salted, or the opposite,no flavor at all. You hate it... You want to spit it out, and regret eating it  Right?

Seasoning you food properly is a must.  My suggestion is:

When it comes to the part of the recipe for seasoning. Think... Lightly spinkle your seasonings on the food. You don't want to have a heavy hand and just pour (assuming it will be okay) and you don't want to basically pretend you are seasoning and hold back just putting mere dots on your food.

Seasonings that I ALWAYS have in my kitchen cabinets are salt, black pepper, lawrys all purpose seasoning, fresh garlic,garlic salt, onion powder and olive oil.

If you have other things that is great as well. But for me I rotate between these NATURAL seasonings. All of my seasonings DO NOT contain MSG. which is found in things like sazon, chicken or beef cubes ect. MSG is known as Monosodium glutamate and is a harmful chemical that is put into some seasonings to enhance the flavor. Yes, it makes the food taste finger licking good but at a cost. So stay away from MSG based seasonings.

The seasoning I use (especially Lawry's all purpose, my favorite) are delicious and natural. Mix it up a bit. Try something new. I also once in a while by a lemon pepper seasoning which was really good on whole chicken.

My point is take time at the grocery store when choosing your seasonings. Read the label to see what is in it. Check your options for different flavors you might like and when it comes time to actually season. Take your time and do it well.

Seasoning takes a little time to perfectly adjust. Keep trying. One day your food might come out too salty that way you know do less, the next day too little you know do more. After some time of trying you will know exactly how to season each dish properly. Without neither too much or too little.

P.S. Remember too much salt is not good for your health

Practice Makes Perfect


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