Clean or Dirty Chicken?

Is the chicken you are eating clean or dirty? Did you clean it, or did you just jump straight to seasoning?

The proper way to cook chicken is to firstly clean it because chicken is very slimy and if not properly cleaned gives off a bad/weird flavor when cooked.
This is the very first step to cooking it (regardless of what part of the chicken it is: breast, thigh, drum, whole, whatever)

Some people prefer to leave the skin on the chicken. I personally like it better without the skin. Plus the skin is more fattening. But either way is fine. 

Remove the skin by peeling it off with a knife, and cut off the excess fat from the chicken. Then poke various wholes in the chicken. (This help so that when you season, the flavor won't just sit on top but instead go inside the meat)(How to properly season your food coming up tomorrow)

Put all of your chicken in a bowl as you are cleaning it and throw just a little bit of vinegar, wine or lemon juice on it (this cuts straight through the slime) and mix it into the chicken with your hand. 

Then once this is done wash it thoroughly with water

drain all of the water and set your chicken aside to season.


  1. I'm SOOOOOO glad you finally post about this:)
    Many people don't take this in consideration. Right! HUGS

  2. I just bake it straight as I believe it is going to extremel heat.

    1. Hi Ms Guni, baking it straight doesn't remove the slimy feel, As you clean it as mentioned above you will notice that the taste will be much better in the sense that it won't have a slight slimy feel under the skin and it removes any excess feather residue on the skin itself and any other dirt which could build up through handling before it arrives to your kitchen table : - )


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