The Competition Starts NOW...

Hello dear blog viewers, subscribers and followers,

I came up with an idea to help you and to give back to you as blog viewers. From time to time I am going to do competitions on my blog for different types of prizes. The ultimate prize would be for me to actually go to your house and teach you step by step how to cook. But that obviously is not going to happen. So I devised a plan to get to as close to it as I can.

Here is the competition:
For the next week and a half From now until next week Friday the 15th of February whoever shows the most interest in wanting to learn or improve their cooking skills through your actions will get the prize for this month.

If you can prove that you want to be a better cook by doing as many things as you can then you deserve the prize as simple as it may be... ACT ON IT...

The challenge:

  •  Ask cooking related questions or share your pictures of you in the kitchen cooking something of your own or a recipe that I shared with you on my blog, and email it to me at
  • Read and post your comments on as many blog posts as you can from the recent ones to the much older ones.
  • Invite as many friends or relatives that you think this blog may benefit to follow the blog, then send let me know a list of their names.
  • Make sure that you are subscribed meaning I have your email address and you have accepted the invitation as a subscriber that goes to your email inbox
  • and whatever else you can do, be creative.
Be creative, and show that you want to be a better cook. As you do that I will see who was the one that wanted it most. 

The winner will get: 

The winner will  be able to email me a list of every ingredient you have in your kitchen and I will come up with a menu  and teach you step by step what to make as delicious meals for the every day of that entire next week.
Forget having to plan your next meal, or having to keep going out and buying more ingredients because you don't know what to make with what you have and having mediocre, simply meals. My cooking mind is yours for the week.

How does that sound...  Try your best and you might just win. Those of you in Jamaica, Brazil, America, Africa, Europe or wherever else you are. You can enter the competition to win as well. Try your best and you will learn a lot and have this chance to learn how to truly make out of a lemon a lemonade in your kitchen...

From My kitchen to yours 


  1. Dear Mrs Elise

    I humbly accept this challenge! But not just to win, but to become a better cook, because through reading your blog I have learned so much!

    Thank you

  2. Challenge is on Mrs. Elise! I'm ready to learn to be a better cook, how exciting:)

  3. Hi Leanne no you didn't miss it, the competition ends in 3 days, On Friday you can still compete : )

  4. Aw no... Is there a way it can be extended? I don't want it to end yet, I'm having fun and the competition is what's giving me that push:)


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