Competition Winner 'Lisa Gumada'

A big congratulations to the competition winner of my blogs first competition posted on February 6th. Lisa went above and beyond to proove that she indeed wanted to be a better cook.

Lisa from Cape Town, South Africa cooked various different meals, tried different recipes she wasn't used to, commented on many blog posts, invited friends to be a part of the group and subscribed herself to receive daily emails when I post.

The Prize: She gets to write me a list of all the ingredients she has in her kitchen and I will give her various recipes and ideas on the different meals she could cook with those ingredients. Sounds fun...

Once again, Great job to Lisa and to all the other competition participants you all did great and I am sure that you have already learned more about cooking just by showing your interest and by being more involved in doing your best in the kitchen.

Great job to everyone, keep posted to see when the next competition will be.

From my kitchen to yours


  1. Cool, congratulations Lisa! :)

  2. Congrts lisa kip it up

  3. Dnt 4gt 3 u hv eaten an destryd dem shm


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