Blog Winners and their prizes

Hello, Remember from our month long blog contest, for the month of September. We unbelievably had a tie between Trianna and Lebbza. So throughout this week the both of them had to cook as many foods from my blog as possible and between the two; whoever did the most would be the winner. The winner of the 'cooking the most foods from my blog' is..... Ready.....

       Winner of doing the most of my blog recipes

Here is your prize...  A custom made baby pink apron for you to use in the kitchen as you enjoy yourself cooking. I don't even have one yet. I am going to buy myself one after. You will receive it soon.

Congratulations Triana, you did a great job and won by an extra 2 more recipe than Lebbza. Lebbza you also did an amazing job. Congratulations to you also.
Both blog winners from last months contest, are  Triana and Maria. Great job ladies. I bought two beautiful gifts for the two of you since early last week. They are being custom made  and embroidered just for you, so it will take another week to arrive and I will be mailing it out to you. 
Just make sure you don't forget to take a picture with it so that we can all see how nice it looks on you.

winner of making the most comments on my blog

Maria, you win a custom made women's t-shirt that you can use with jeans or anything else. Really cute.

Thank you once again for all of the contest participants. Maybe we will do another contest soon. Keep posted to find out when.  But there is no need to wait only for the next contest. Start getting involved already. Comment, cook, read and research through my blog and learn how to be a more developed and skilled person in the kitchen.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


  1. Wow!
    congratulations ladies.Well done.It was a pleasure being in this competition,it taught me so much and with it I was able to focus and enjoy being in the kitchen.Im ready for the next challenge.
    Thank you so much Mrs Elise for your blog,its helpful


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