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Sometimes you go through all the hard work of preparing the food but then because you don't know how to properly  set the table you end up having your presentation looking a mess. In this post I am going to teach you different ways that you can actually set your table. To make it look more than amazing. Amazing enough where people don't want to touch it because it looks like a work of art as in these pictures below.

After your food is all done and cooked. Be creative with fixing your table. Get some nice flowers, candles or anything you have to decorate and use as a center piece to your table. Look for your best dishes, the nicest ones. The best cups, forks, knives and spoons you have at home. and place it there on the table with love. One thing that really frustrates me is when people forget to put napkins on the table. Everyone needs napkins. I hate sitting to eat and then I need to wipe my mouth and there are no napkins. Ahhhhhh…… so annoying. So make sure you put napkins to clean the mouth, put some placemats.

If you don't have placemats look for some decorative paper, pillow cases or whatever you have at home to make it look nice. Be creative. If you don't have the money look around the house for what you think would work. If you do have the money then go out and get these timings. Its a necessity for when serving anyone from family to guests to well… Yourself… People I've lived with in the past laugh at me because even when I cook for myself if my husband is not home. I will set the table the same way and cook the best meal for myself. Hey! I deserve it too… : -)

So go all out and set up your table first even before the cooking  of the food and before the plating for the food. You need to have a well set table. Pay attention to the detail on all of the table settings. Notice they have a center piece, something drawing your attention on the table. Then notice they all have matching cups, utensils and plates, Notice how they are placed on the table. Mix and match your colors. Each table arrangement is different. Try your own way and do what you can with what you have.

If you want to go one step further you can even decorate your napkins into tons of different fun shapes, colors and designs. Check out this blog post on napkin folds

There is never no set design of how your table should be set. This is where creativity comes to play. Don't ever limit yourself. If you find it try to make it work, use a pretty sheet to cover your table if you don't have a table cloth and have no money, and different colored pillow cases as your placemat. You see. No one has an excuse to have a poorly set table. Try your hardest. The more joy you put into creating this master piece the prettier it will come out. If you have the money then go be creative and find a color theme, set it up with different colored pebbles, rose peddles, marbles, flowers, candles or anything else. 

Another nice thing to do is leave a treat on top of each nicely folded napkin. Whether it be a nice note, a mint, chocolate a small gift or anything else. Depending on the occasion go the extra mile. Especially for guests. Be hospitable and give your all. But to have a properly served table shouldn't be only when you have guests come over. You should constantly have a set table when eating. As I mentioned above. Whether it be just for you yourself , family or for a group of people.

From my kitchen to yours


  1. Thank you at least now I know where to start from even on small budget.the small table is my favourite as it can be done on a daily base.
    Mrs Elise thank I will share with my friends
    London England


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