Napkin Folds

When you  are setting the table it is always nice to decorate even your napkins in a different way, (every time if possible) Here I am teaching you two different Folds beside the regular square or triangle that everyone  knows and does.

Do different things. Impress people with even your napkins.

There are so many different folds you can create with your napkins and so many different colors you can do them in. You can even fold 2  or more different colored napkins together in order to make patterns, create volume and the wow factor :  ). Napkin folding is really fun and an art. Just like your cooking.

For today I am showing you how to create 2 simple yet different napkin folds. Afterwards I will show you how to do other folds such as a straw, a swan, a tuxedo and many other things that you can do with your napkins especially when they are different colors they look beautiful.

Above I folded plain white napkins for an event I had on Saturday, (Above) you have the fan and the ruffled pocket fold (Below).

The Fan fold (Step by step)
To do the fan you open up your napkin completely until it is a big square. Then longwise you fold one time forward 

then  one time backward

continue doing this until you get to the end. ( just like the paper origami's you did as a kid)

Once you reach the end you fold the napkin in half

and you tape or tie the middle piece to connect together as one.

Your Fan is ready. Stand it up on your table to decorate as a center piece or put it on top of the plate and use it for your cutlery on a nicely set table.

The Ruffled Pocket Fold (Step By Step)

Open your napkin completely

Then fold it into a triangular piece with the full napkin still open

Do the same to the other side, forming a closed pocket with an opening only at the top for the utensils.

Now start forming your ruffles. Go back and forth as you would with the fan on one side,

do the same to the other side. Giving you your ruffles. At the end. The tiny piece that is left over tuck it underneath one of the folds.

There you go. Your Ruffled Pocket Fold. You can put your cutlery inside the pockets. It will look like this.

God Bless.

If you have any other questions or did not quite understand how to do any of these folds email me at and I will help you understand better.


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