Making creative cupcakes

Look how cool, I remember as I was growing up. My mother would always make the best cupcakes at any little kids birthday parties. It is so unique, fun to create and really delicious. All made and decorated with edible ingredients. Here are a few pictures of a few different cupcake ideas. So that the next time you do cupcakes or throw a little persons birthday party. Be creative with your smash hit cupcakes : - )

Take a look at some ideas you could use. There are specific candies being used in each picture but if you go to your local grocery store candy section and don't find this specific candy; I am sure that you can find something that looks similar to use in its place. Be creative with what you have...
frost cupcake with white frosting then use tiny marshmallows for hair and beard ,m &m's for eyes and nose and sour strip candy for hat. 

frost the very center of your cupcake and take coconut and roll it around in green food coloring to get the grass color. throw it on top of your icing and put a few pieces of m&m's then use a twizzler to form the basket handle.
Frost your cake with white frosting then use red jelly beans to line up the endues and heart shaped candies to put in the center.
Take two cupcakes. Frost the top of one and use that as glue to put the smaller one on top. Then frost all around the both of them and roll them softly in coconut. Use red jelly beans for the buttons, chocolate stick for the arms, big marshmallow for the head a reeses piece for the hat and some sort of gummie type candy for the eyes and mouth ( you could use the inside of a jelly bean, a twizzler, gummie bears or the like)
For a baseball frost with white frosting and use either jelly beans, hot tamales or red mike & ike candies to form lines.
Throw your coconut in a blender to be really chopped and then For basketball use orange or brown food coloring throw into the frosting some of your blended coconut and frost the cupcake with that or use orange or apricot marmalade by itself or adding the blended coconut and frost. Use chocolate sprinkles to decorate the lines on the basketball.
Frost with white frosting, use life saver candy for mouth,  jelly gummie for nose, m&m for eyes, twirler for eye brow and orange or brown colored frosting for 3 hair marks. (use food coloring to color your frosting)
After baking your cupcake cut the bottom of it to fit perfectly into an ice cream cone, cover with white or chocolate frosting and use any type of sprinkles or colorful candy to decorate on top.
frost your cake with white or cream frosting and sprinkle coconut on top for the rabbits face then use tiny pink marshmallws for cheeks, pink twizzlers for mouth, chocolate chips for eyes and nose and sour patch watermelon for ears.

Make your cupcake and include some m &m's in the mixture baked into the cake, then take some colorful clear wrapping paper and making it look like a treat prize.

Make cupcakes by following my basic cake recipe

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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