Encouraging you to subscribe

Hi Dear Friends,

I am sure that you or someone you know Is not good in the kitchen at all.

I want to encourage you blog viewers to subscribe to this blog and receive these kitchen blog posts straight to your email inbox. Subscribe yourself, then invite 2 friends to do the same. Let's actually do something in order to get to where we want to be.

If this blog has been helpful to you, don't just hold it to yourself. Share it with someone else.

To subscribe just follow the directions to the right of this post  titled 'Get this in your email' It has the 1, 2, 3 steps on subscribing. Then directly on top of it, is a section titled 'Follow by email' That is where you write in your email address to receive these posts straight to your email inbox.

Pass on the word,

P.S. If people can pass along information that are garbage and irrelevant. Why not pass on something helpful and interesting?

From my kitchen to yours God Bless


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