When Cooking Becomes More Than Just A Task

Many people look at cooking as something so old fashioned and out dated, something no longer needed in today's fast paced - everything at your fingertip society. Wth TV dinners and microwavable everything at hand, after all who really needs cooking anyway... No one wants to stand in front of a hot stove for an hour cooking food from scratch, when you have many other options. How many people look at this blog or any other instructional cooking website and just pass it over as though it is nothing relevant...nothing worth learning, something nice to look at - but definitely not for me...

My friend, that is where you are so wrong. In this blog post, I am trying to bring you to reality. Cooking is related to many areas of your life. How many ladies for instance want to get married,  how many pray to marry prince charming and would love to start a family of their own and live that happily ever after. But wether you go to church or not; the truth of the matter is that unfortunately. You will NEVER get a blessing if you are not ready for it.

You want to get married, don't just hope and wish - that will get you no where. Get up - and do something about it. Practice what you will need, humble yourself and learn this new skill. Excel in everything you do, don't half do things, don't lazy around and sometimes do it, and sometimes don't... Your cooking needs to be Excellent.

How is cooking related to marriage? Marriage, is forever... Everyday for the rest of your life you and your family will need to eat. How can you as the woman of the house provide any kind of whipped together meal for those whom you love... No effort whatsoever. That shouldn't be okay, and maybe that is why you still haven't obtained your blessing, because something like that doesn't please God.

I'm a firm believer in, If you are going to do something - Do it all the way. Dive right in. Give it the absolute best that you have. Where it couldn't possibly be done any better by you.  If you aren't going to give it your best you minus well just not do it at all.

If you can't commit to giving your best in perfecting your cooking, then how can you be cut out for marriage and a family?

So yes, you want to be a wife? You want to have a family of your own? You want to be that guy that knocks your wife off her feet, by knowing your way around the kitchen. Then you are going to have to put in the effort, stand in front of the hot stove, sometimes for hours in order to come out with a masterpiece.

Only when cooking becomes to you more than just a task, when it becomes something important, something worth learning, something to excel in. That my friend, is when you are ready to take on a big responsibility like marriage.When you value the many resources you have at hand to learn how to cook and not keep the excuse of why you aren't a great cook, is when you are ready for prince charming.

Food for thought...


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