Tips on setting a summery table

As we are now in the summer season here in the U.S. here is a great summery styled snack table. I found this online a little while ago and found it to be gorgeous. If you notice the items on the table are very simple. Just a cake frosted in chocolate and tiny finger foods. Tiny breads with an assortment of things on top such as cheese, tomato, cucumber, salmon, boiled egg etc. and in the far back fresh water with orange slices.

Take notice of how easily you can make something simple look extravagant by adding simple touches. Here they used 2 tier trays to hold the finger foods, a beautiful flower arrangement and cute butterfly ties to hold the napkins (which I've seen at the dollar store before, not expensive at all)

One trick which is used in this picture is the use of different levels to achieve a fuller, more fancy looking table and to create more space. If you have something elevated on a tray rather than flat on the table, this allows for you to then add something else underneath it onto the actual table.

Pay attention to the detail, they are not using plastic plates or cups, but instead summery colored plates and cups. Also instead of serving plain water, Oranges were cut up and added into the jar to create a hint of orange flavor and to look nicer.

Each hors d' oeuvre is formed and carefully put together. For instance lets look at the one with a boiled egg on top. To do this you could use a small cookie cutter or perhaps a bottle cap or something that would help you cut out the bread into a circular shape. Using sliced bread cut out that round shape. Boil an egg (for a smaller cuter looking egg, use quail eggs) lightly butter your bread and Cut the egg into a similar sized circle, gently place the egg on top of the bread and garnish with a piece of parsley.

God Bless


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