Beat the summer heat with refreshing 'Watermelon juice'

The summer is finally here, and the heat is not joking. I am in Louisiana, USA and yesterdays heat was a strong 92F and the summer has just began : - ) In days like this we need to discover smart ways to stay cool, refreshed and hydrated. Here is one of the ideas I came up with. Besides your very necessary intake of 8 cups of water a day (especially in the summer heat) I have started making big containers of fresh watermelon juice.

Did you know that one of the many watermelon qualities is that it is made up of 92% water...  besides all of the other nutritional facts. Watermelon is listed as one of the healthiest fruits on earth. Only consisting of 6% sugar.

Having such a high percentage of water is one of the main reasons why it keeps you so refreshed. Beat the summer heat by eating lots of watermelon  this summer. Follow the instructions below to make watermelon juice. Refrigerate it for a few hours and every time that you are overheating go ahead and pour yourself a tall glass of this cold, fresh watermelon juice and see how instantly refreshed you become.

Fresh Watermelon Juice
Servings 20
Prep time: 7 min
Total time: 10 min
Source: Elise Jackson

A whole Watermelon

Simply take your whole watermelon and cut it into large chunks at a time, throw it into your blender seeds and all, blend for a few minutes until smooth. Then take a strainer and strain out the blended juice into a big bottle or jar. This straining process will strain out the pulp and seeds; allowing for a fresher pulp free juice. (if you are having a hard time straining, use a wooden spoon and help by moving it in a circular motion as the juice goes through the strainer, sometimes it goes slow due to the pulp getting stuck in the wholes. Using the spoon ensures that you get out all the juice and that very few pulp is left over in the end. Don't loose juice, make sure that you get it all out of the strainer) Repeat the process until you have done the entire watermelon.

Here is an example of how to store the juice( a closed glass jar) as you can see, my husband and I are almost halfway through the bottle : - ) 

Refrigerate for a few hours and drink when needed.

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