Strawberry Shortcake (ready in minutes)

Here is a dessert that you can do in less than 5 minutes. Not very fattening at all. It can be done 2 ways. Tastes amazing and has that buttery soft flavor when you use pound cake but for those who are health conscious and want a guilt free dessert. It tastes equally as delicious with half the calories and a nice soft spongy feel with angel food cake.

1st step is to choose which cake you want to use.

Go head first and indulge - Pound Cake
Health conscious and half the calories - Angel food cake

In the picture above I used Angel food cake, I've done it with both before and to be honest both of them taste equally as good to me. Try it for y ourself and see which one you prefer.

To go even quicker when making this dessert, I usually buy the cake already made. But if you want to make the cake yourself from scratch here is an angel food cake recipe and here is a pound cake recipe.

It all depends on how many people you are serving, here is how its done.

2 slices of Angel food cake or Pound Cake (per person)
2 strawberries (per person)
Whipped cream spray
Jar strawberry jam

Simply plate your 2 slices of cake, then spread a good amount of your strawberry jam on top of the cake (the more the better). Slice up your strawberries and throw them on top of the jam spread and then freely spray your whipped cream on top of it all. Your done, ready in less than 5 minutes, a quick and delicious on the go dessert. Great for a nice picnic, kids party or just a grab and go light dessert.

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