Shrimp Intestine

Did you know that shrimp has an intestine that needs to be removed before cooking? Many people don't know this and end up eating the shrimp with the intestine... yuck...

90% of the restaurants that I've gone to, do not remove the intestine. For that reason I stopped ordering shrimp at restaurants. Be aware, of this, whenever you make shrimp for yourself or others take the extra step and remove this intestine strip.

By deveining the shrimp it  also adds a unique butterfly look, when cooked its even a bit more plump.

Tip for your next shrimp meal.

Deveining in 2 simple steps:
-Simple cut along the outside of the shrimp, ( sometimes it might be found towards the belly of the shrimp. It is easily noticeable. You will see the strip straight away)

- Use a sharp object such as a knife or toothpick and remove it

when cooked you get a nicer looking shrimp

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


  1. Elise, Thanks for sharing! I did not know that! I would always wonder, what is that nasty black thing in the shrimp that you could see easily, I thought it was poop or something, but I guess if it is an intestine, it does have for the tip, for sure will let everyone I know about that, I always ate the shrimp without even caring about that intestine, and what about fried shrimp, hopefully they remove the intestines from that also if not I will check them. Thanks again and look forward to your other blog posts!!! They are awesome, keep it up!!! GOD BLESS How about some recipes for college students? I just wanted to share with you an idea...

  2. That's great I didn't know this until a friend mentioned it last week. Can't wait for more tips


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