Turkey leftover sandwich

Who says that turkey is only for Thanksgiving day... 
I make turkey more than just once a year. Many times I've cooked it on regular days, just because...

Making a whole big turkey lasts a long time. The meat supply seems endless. Because of this, people often run out of ideas on what other recipes they can make, once they get tired of eating it as is. Here is an option of what else you can do when you are tired of eating plain ol' turkey.

Here I made a sandwich. I layered it with chunks of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce and I placed it in the oven under 350F /165C for about 5 minutes. Very delicious, especially when served warm. The cranberry sauce softens and melts in your mouth as you bite through all the layers.

Extremely good. You should try it.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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