Pan fried Salmon

Salmon is such a tasty fish with so many healthy qualities. Cooking it in multiple ways really changes us the flavor and provides such a joy to the pallet. I've made everything from garlic salmon to honey glazed salmon; never was I dissatisfied.

when cooking salmon it is common for a white sort of cream to come oozing out all around the fish. Though it does not affect the taste. It can be found to be annoying and not pretty. But I found the trick to solving this problem, it happens because salmon is an oily fish, there are many oils within the fish itself. When cooking all of these oils come out in the form of this white ooze, normally from my own experience, when this happens the fish tends to become dry. Because now all of that moisture and oils meant to keep the fish succulent and juicy was just taken out. 

I found a solution to this problem. To keep all the oils locked in, you need to dry out the surface of the fish.  Before seasoning drizlle a little bit of vinegar on the fish and rub it in well. Continue your seasoning process. For this particular fish I lightly seasoned using curry powder, garlic salt and salt, then I rubbed a little bit of butter on top of all the seasoning to give it a golden brown color when pan fried.

Pan fry on medium heat for a few minutes on each side. Just until golden. No more than 4 minutes on each side. (Tip: overcooking salmon makes it dry and tough)

your done. It's that simple. Serve along side your favorite side dishes. 
A squeeze of lemon tastes amazing on top of any fish, bringing out even more that yummy flavor.

From my kitchen to yours.
God Bless


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