Top 10 best restaurants in the world

The other day my husband and I put together this list of our top 10 best picks of restaurants around the world.  (Obviously we have not been to every part of the world  and have certainly not eaten at every single restaurant that exists. But we have had our fair share of restaurant dining.) Here are our top picks. If you are in any of these areas, you should definitely stop by and try these dishes. Absolutely amazing food.

Top 10 best restaurants in the world:

1- Salk Lick- Austin Texas: If you just walk into this place and have a look at the grill, and how they do their bar b que, you will understand why they are number one. And the sauce… omg the sauce is amazing. It’s so good, they ship it all over the country! Try the turkey and the brisket if you want a mouth watering bar b que experience.

2- Fogo de Chao- Sao Paulo, Brazil: Well for starters, the service in all of the locations that I have visted was surperb! These guys know how to keep a customer coming back. And all you can eat, freshly cooked meat, over the open fire, seasoned with just enough rock salt and garlic to add a flavor that makes your mouth water… you have a little slice of heaven. If you go there, do the all you can eat, don’t cheat yourself by ordering a plate. It’s worth the price difference.

3. Hippopotamus- Paris, France- This place is a gem. Well the name itself signifies that people that eat there, are true food loves. But this place has a wide selection of dishes, and all of the ones I’ve tasted were delicious. When in Paris, stop by the Hippo!

4. Tender Greens- Los Angeles, California- Though this is not your extravagant sit- down-in-Hollywood-with-the-stars kind of place, it is a great place to get fresh, healthy food. It’s right beside a gym, so they stay busy with post-workout-need-a-bite people. But the greens there are delicious! Try the Marinated Steak or Tuna with mixed veggies or your choice of green salad and you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget to get the Agua Fresca to drink with your meal and for dessert, grab an slice of Olive Oil Citrus Cake. You’ll love it.

5. Peter Lugar – Brooklyn, NY- Now this may not be the healthy eaters choice, but this hidden gem in Williamsburg is AMAZING. You’re talking Butter Steak (steak cooked then drizzled with melted butter for moisture and flavor), and any side you choose. With the steak you can’t go wrong… And oh, the Pecan Pie… There are no words for how delicious it is. One tip though, they are a cash only establishment so come with money, not card.

6. Mug and Bean- South Africa- Now this is not reeeaaalllyy a restaurant per say, but It was my favorite place to visit during my 6 week trip South Africa. I probably gained 5 pounds from stopping by here so many times! But anyway, for starters, when you order a hot choclate… Mug and Bean KNOWS how to serve you hot chocolate. They give the hot milk, with actual chocolate bars for you to melt inside the amount that you choose, and big marshmallows for you to do the same. So it’s a build your own… but build it with all the lack of self control… chocoholic overindulgence that you can handle. And I LOVED IT. Now pair that with a hug date and nut muffin and you have the best breakfast you can think of. You will enjoy this place, and it’s not hard to find. It’s like Starbucks here in the U.S.

7. Ask- London, England- This is a cozy, well priced, Italian Restaurant, with awesome Alfredo and Penne Pasta dishes. If you like Italian, you will like Ask.

8. Dienner’s Country Restaurant- Lancaster, PA- Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, is all I need to say about this place. In the heart of Amish Country, you find a restaurant that uses no hormones, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. When you eat here, you are getting actual FOOD. And the taste speaks for itself. Get the buffet, and don’t you dare pass up that stuffing… or you WILL regret it! Once you’ve finished lunch, go next door for a slice of ShoFly Pie. You haven’t got the most of Amish Country until you have.

9. Crepe Cone – San Fransisco, CA- This is not a restaurant at all, it is an ice cream parlor. But this is the best crepe I have ever tasted. This is the perfect combination between crunchy and soft. And the ice cream wonderful. GO THERE!

10. Aroma Chinese Food- London England- Now this made my list because it is a low cost, good taste establishment. You won’t go broke in this place. But the food is really quality food. And I love the fact that you can pick fresh uncooked seafood and take it to the chef with your choice of veggies and he will stir fry it right in front of you. This place is worth stopping by.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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