Papaya Cream

This is an excellent dessert, well known in the Brazilian culture. Really easy to make, all you do is blend 3 ingredients in the blender. Normally every time that I've had this dessert, it was with something called 'creme de cassis' but this is often hard to find. I found an excellent substitution that when lightly drizzled on top tastes the exact same. Delicious.

This dessert can be quite expensive. Fogo De chao Brazilian restaurant here in New York sales it for a whopping $11.50... But this dessert can be made at home for about $3 max. Look at how easy and delicious.

Papaya Cream
1 Medium Papaya
3/4 cup vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup milk
1/2 tsp 100% pure maple syrup or creme de casis

Peel and cut your papaya in large cubes ( removing all black seeds). Throw it in a blender along with your milk and ice cream. Blend for about 3 minutes on high and until it is all well blended and very creamy. (If too thick add a bit of milk, if too liquidy add in more papaya and ice cream)

Note: this tastes good on the thick side as a cream. Not meant to be like a drink but more along the consistency of a mousse

Once you are done blending, pour into your serving cups and lightly drizzle your maple syrup or cases on top, for that added flavor.
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