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Hello dear blog viewers,

As you all may already know. Throughout the entire Month of September we had a blog contest right here on my blog read more about it here.  This contest to me was one of the nicest ones done so far. Wow there was an amazing amount of participation on everyones part. It is amazing how much my mailbox was filled with delicious recipes and testimonials of how this cooking contest and the blog itself has helped you all in many ways. It was inspirational to read and see all of your lovely, delicious pictures. Also from all the comments left on posts of recipes you liked, thought were weird :-) or wanted to try. This months contest was simply amazing.

You all did a great job, whether you win or not. Just the fact that you participated or are a viewer or even follower of this blog, will help you to learn to be better all together in the kitchen. And that is a priceless tool. In the near future we will be doing more contests so keep you eyes posted and keep updated to find out when the next contest will take place. But for now.... Let me reveal the winners of this current contest : - )

Ready..... Drum roll...... kkkkkk......  The winner of the post comments contest is.............
Maria from Compton, California (United States)

Congratulations Maria, you did an amazing job with comments... You went comment crazy :-) and thats what made you win. You commented on many posts learning and reading each one. I am sure this will help you to develop great cooking skills and have the cooking theory down pact.

As far as the Comments:

Maria won with 78 comments
Alicia 11 comments
Maria Borba 1 comment
Tina 9 comments
Wame 2 comments
Rianna 7 comments
Lebbza 32 comments
Trianna 33 comments
Kendy 1 comment
Yolanda 1 comment

Now for the even bigger prize of cooking as many recipes from my blog contest. we unbelievably have a draw/tie... The draw/tie is between.... Ready for this??????

Both of you ladies did an amazing job sending me all of your beautiful pictures and writing how great this blog has been for you in being a better cook and woman of God all together.By practicing and taking part in this cooking contest the both of them have learned so much. Its amazing for me to be a part of that. I absolutely loved reading your every email and seeing all of your beautiful delicious pictures. But there can only be one winner.
                                                             Who is it?

Triana from The United States and Lebbza from South Africa
Both of you have a tie with 9 recipes each.

So I thought of an idea for a tie breaker.Here it is: Between Lebbza and Triana only. This is the tie breaker ladies. Both of you have one more week until Saturday October 11th, to cook as many of my recipes as possible and email it to me just as you have been doing. whichever of you cooks the most of 'my blog recipes' between right now and midnight of Saturday the 11th, will win. The 9 recipes you have done so far will not count and you cannot redo any of those recipes you already made. It has to be something different. However it can be absolutely anything at all from my blog. I have nearly 300 posts in total so be creative. You have my email. So go ahead and get started, who wants it more?  Ready.... Set.... Go....

As far as the cooking my recipes contest: This is the line up:

Trianna and Lebbza with a draw/tie at 9 recipes each
Tina and son 5 recipes
Rianna 4 recipes
Yolanda 1 recipe

Great job, to everyone involved in all of the contests throughout the month of September, you all did splendid, absolutely marvelous jobs with this. I am sure that as you had fun in participating you also learned a great deal. Which is obviously always the main goal. To help you to grow and develop as a person.

I am already ordering the specially made gifts for the 2 winners and will be sending it to you shortly. As soon as you receive it make sure to take a nice picture with your prize and email it to me so that we can all see here on my blog what you won.  Once again congratulations to our winners Maria, and Lebzza or Trianna...

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


  1. Wow! This is good news! Oh Mrs Elise I'm so excited.thank you so much for the September challenge it made me to focus and was exciting at the same time.I did my dishes with pleasure and I was humbled to learn from your is indeed making me a better cook and a better woman of God.thank you

    1. : - ) I am happy to hear that Lebbza. Excellent. Now you need to just try your best this week and send as many recipes as you can in order to win. Did you see that you are tied at first place : - ) thats awesome

  2. Amazing!! I will be working hard this week lol
    But man, how i loved this challenge, really I had no idea, or direction in kitchen but threw this I grown so much. I have confidence in myself, I can say now that I know how to cook lol !!
    Especially, baking... loved the cake recipe and my family and friends loved it as well. Everyone was so excited for me, even at church people would like, WOW!
    Triana knows how to cook! You ready to get married Jajaja!!
    But Thank you so much,
    God bless you very much

  3. Well done ladies I am super happy for both of you. Mrs Elise this contest was a brilliant idea I absolutely loved it and I will continue with the cooking I am keen to yry the dishes from Cabo Verde from your kitchen to mine ����

  4. Ready for the next one lol now we cook together yeeeaaa

  5. Wow! Congratulations to all the contest winners! I love the concept and ideas behind the commenting and recipe contest. It's just a shame that I wasn't able to join. Hahaha! Anyway, thank you for sharing that! I hope your next event be as equally successful as that one.

    Michelle Scott @ Skild


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