Wheat cake

I made a marble cake the other day and I didn't want to feel guilty eating all that flour. In my house between my husband and I, we are total cake lovers. Anytime I make a cake, we eat it all up in less than 24 hours. An entire cake, between the two of us  : - ) Thats sad.

So for that reason I decided to try to make a cake thats a little bit healthier. Here I made a marble cake but instead of using white flour, I used whole wheat flour and it made a big difference. Try it for yourself. Just follow my basic cake recipe and replace the white flour with wheat flour. For more of a guilt free treat.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


  1. Wow, i think this can work for me because after i eat a cake i feel so bad and I regret.I have to try it.it looks great yummy.thank you for sharing


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