Hate Vegetables?

Are you one of those people who really hate vegetables? I mean, you know its meant to be good for you; but you absolutely can't stand them? I know a few people like that... Heres a bright idea. Just boil them, then blend them up really smooth and use it to make a thick sauce. Here I made a simple mashed potatoes with grilled Salmon and a Brussels sprouts sauce.

My husband and I absolutely can't stand Brussel Sprouts. I like vegetables but there are a few choice vegetables that just aren't for me; Brussel Sprouts, Egg Plant, Tomatoes & Green Beans to name a few. But I still get them from time to time because I know that each vegetable has its own benefits to your body.

So instead of suffering through them, I came up with this idea and you can hardly taste it. For my Brussel Sprout sauce, I boiled them until very soft and then I put it all in the blender with a pinch of salt and pepper and just blended it well for a few minutes until smooth. If it gets a bit too thick just add a few spoons of either water or milk.

That simple, your done. This can be done with nearly any vegetable. A bag full of Brussel Sprouts was reduced to simply a few spoons of this puree. Much quicker to eat, and combine with any meal.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


  1. I am not a big fan of greens especialy green beans but this sound like a great Idea. I will give this try.

  2. There are vegetables that i never tried, with this idea I willl definatly do.


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