Cooking contest update

Check out the breakdown of those in the lead so far:

Just sharing a few of the many, many pictures I
am receiving from those of you in the cooking contest. You are all doing so well. The emails keep rolling in from those of you eager to learn, practice and take pictures of the recipes you are making and emailing it to me.

Then there are those of you reading and making sure to comment on my blog posts. You are all doing very well. Its getting really hard already to see who the winner will be. Keep it up. By the end of this month the two winners will be named, and get your prize mailed to you. Those who don't win will have ended the month with a lot of new cooking knowledge. All of you will be winners at the end of the day. Keep it going.

Many of you really want to know, so here is how the breakdown of how my blog contest is going so far: for more info on how to do this contest read this: My cooking blog contest

Cooking contest
Triana  with 7 recipes
Tina and son Jamal with 4 recipes
Rianna with 2 recipes

You just need a few more recipes so keep cooking Ladies and Gentlemen  : - ) you still have 18 days left. If you still haven't started yet , what are you waiting for?

Blog comments
Maria with 61 comments
Triana with 31 comments
Alicia with 11 comments
Tina with 3 comments
Elsie with 3 comments
Rianna with 3 comments
Wame with comments 1 comment
Lebbza with 1 comment
Kendy with 1 comment

Keep commenting you are almost there. Great job so far. 18 days to go... Anyone can take the lead

From my kitchen to yours
God bless


  1. oh no!i don't believe I'm the lowest.ladies watch the space.kkkkkkk



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