Marshmallow tree

Look how unique, A friend of mine made it for a little party she was having and look how beautiful it looks. Very easy to make and cost efficient. Use something like this in your next party to treat your guests, as a part favor or just simply to enjoy.

Get a little simple box and fill the bottom with a square foam that fits into the box, get a skewer stick ( The same used for kebobs) and stick it into the foam square.Now get another foam piece but circular and stick to the top of the skewer. Get your different colored marshmallows and stick them each with toothpicks, stick your toothpicks individually into the top round foam of your skewer until it is full as pictured above. Lastly take your little bows, ribbons, fluff or anything you choose to use to cover up the skewer stick and the foam square at the bottom.

Thanks Lorena for this creative idea : - )

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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