Steamed Salmon

Look at how unique and yet simple it is to make this steamed Salmon. Ready in less than 15 minutes and individually wrapped and steamed in its own marinade. Allowing the flavor to absorb and cook into it. Really a tasty way to eat your salmon. Very full of flavor, extremely moist and juicy.

To make this, you will need:
Salmon fillets
1 tsp soy sauce (per salmon fillet)
1 tsp white wine (per salmon fillet)
Seasonings such as: salt, white pepper, oregano, sesame seeds, garlic powder

Take aluminum foil and tear them into nice sized square pieces. Each to fit 1 piece of salmon; Brush each piece of foil with your finger lightly with oil, so that the salmon won't stick to the foil. Take your salmon and place it into the center of the foil as pictured above. One at a time season it individually whilst in the foil.

(it will help for you to cup the foil as for the liquids not to spill out.) start by sprinkling a pinch of each of your seasonings on every piece of salmon your salt,  pepper, garlic powder, oregano and sesame seeds, soy sauce and cooking wine all on top of your salmon fillet. (NO need to flip over and do the other side, just season the top) Now close all of your salmon pieces inside of the aluminum foil as pictured below (ensuring that it is tightly closed as to not have all your delicious seasonings to spill out)

Get a pot and a strainer to create a double boiler. Turn your fire on high heat (This is done by getting a pot and putting water in it, and then getting a strainer with holes to sit your salmon on, so that it doesn't directly touch the water. Your salmon will be sitting on the strainer as pictured below getting the steam from the water underneath it.) Cover and let steam for about 13 minutes.

You will know that your salmon is cooked because salmon is naturally a dark pinkish color. When  cooked it becomes a very pale pink color. 
Be sure to not overcook your salmon because this will make it dry and tough.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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