Is the quickest way always the best way?

There is always the 'Easy way' and the 'Hard way'. This applies for everything in life. You will always have these two options in front of you to choose from. Do something quicker and get it out of the way or work harder, push stronger, exert all your energy and get it done better, but take a little longer. 

Taking the 'Easy' Road
  • choosing not to get married or stay married because 'it's too hard' to maintain
  • follow the crowd, use drugs, drink, smoke & party because thats what everyone else is doing
  • sleeping around recklessly not waiting for the 'right one'
  • not putting a filter on your words, 'whatever comes up, comes out'
  • choosing not to believe in a Higher Power

 Its simply the easier thing to do at that moment. Not only are you cheating yourself but you are also not pushing yourself to reach your full potential, nor are you creating something to last a lifetime. 

Taking the 'Hard' Road
  • Choosing to battle it out, no matter the situation, choosing to be the bigger person and fight for what you know is right to do
  • fighting every thought in you to just throw life in the air and just go be reckless and free doing what you want.
  • In most cases and from a human standpoint loosing the fight 
  • enduring ridicule, hard moments, times when you feel there is not a soul alive that believes in you, with a smile on your face and still continuing your fight pushing forward knowing it will be all worth it in the end

Taking the hard road requires a lot more effort. For this you need to get your mind straight. Wrap your mind around the idea and push hard with "One Goal- All your Strength" putting everything you have in you to reach your target. Taking the hard road most times is not easy. Because you are often despised, ridiculed, put down by others who think you won't make it 

The only difference between the easy road and the hard road is the results...
For the easy road your results are just as much effort as you put into it... None... but for the hard road your results are well worth the wait, its rewarding to see that all the effort you put into achieving these goals payed off. Its the laws of physics. What you put into it is what you will get out of it. 


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