Is the quickest way always the best way? Part III

As you have been following my posts, in the continuation to the topic of: Is it better to do things in a quick and easy way, or to go the extra mile and do it the harder yet longer way? As I mentioned in the last post the easy way is not always best. Those who achieved great things in life had to push through hard situations to make something of themselves. As in the picture below. I love what it says. It captivates the message of what I am talking about 'Go over, go under, go around, or go through. But never give up'.

Now bringing this message to a cooking stand point, As this is a cooking blog after all...  It is never good to take the easy route even when cooking. I understand that at times we can be really busy and have lots to do. No one wants to spend their entire day in a kitchen in front of a stove. I completely understand that. But to become a person who does everything in the kitchen in a too easy, laid back fashion is also not good. 

"When does practical become too practical?" 

When cooking always take your time with each thing. If you are washing the dishes - wash it thoroughly. Don't rush through it. When you cook a meal - Do just that, cook the meal... take your time and season it with your salt, pepper, parsley, garlic, onion, paprika, lemon pepper, spices and whatever seasonings you enjoy. Don't just grab a seasoning bag with a million seasonings mixed into one and use that.You don't know how much % of each seasoning is in that jar, sachet or cube, it may contain all sorts of other seasonings that may not be healthy for your body such as Monosoduim Glutamate (MSG) which is found in most seasoning mixes, (More on that another day). Don't just grab a pre seasoned anything, whether it be jar, cube, sachet or whatever else. Create your own homemade. Cook your food over the fire/stove or in the oven. Take your time and follow the recipe paying attention to every detail, why rush through it?

Don't try to find the quickest way to do it just to get it done and over with. It takes away from that delicious home made taste; compromises the healthiness of the dish, as well as making you too practical of a person. Anything done in excess is wrong. There needs to be a balance. For instance - I have seen people cooking almost everything in the microwave 'literally' scrambled eggs, omelets, chicken, fish, hot dogs, all sorts of vegetables, rice, mashed potatoes, desserts etc. I mean not heating up an already cooked meal. But actually getting these things raw and actually cooking it in the microwave. With a stove and an oven right there in front of them. Because its quicker... I have seen others buying their meat already pre-seasoned for them, buying rice, veggies and everything else already pre cut, pre seasoned etc. These things are not good for your health. 
The 1950s women
The 2014 woman
Since when has humanity revolutionized so much that we don't even have time to cook a decent HOME MADE meal anymore. The grocery store has to pick out, cut, season, wash and half way cook the food for us too? next were going to have machines in the kitchen cooking the meals and setting the table too.  If you take a look back from the times of the bible all the way to your parents or grandparents. Meals were done fresh, at home, cooked from scratch with no additives, not pre-cut, pre seasoned, pre cooked, microwave zapped or anything else. No... the food was done with care and patience, tender, full of taste, fresh, and aromatic. Because everything was done with love and from beginning to end. These women or men were not looking to find the quickest way to get it done and over with. They were looking for the best way to provide a delicious meal for their family. We need to do the same.

Don't choose the quick way in the kitchen, decide to choose the better way
'Go the extra mile, its less crowded'
From my kitchen to yours
God bless


  1. I rather cook the hard way not the was quick way it's better and healthy


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